Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunday Stash

I know I am late for my Sunday stash too, sorry Tamara - and not only that but I think I am cheating too. So I got this stash of buttons from my local fabric shop on the morning that it shut down for 10 cents a card and then the trainee charged me for 20 instead of 30 - Love a bargain. I got some iron on sticky stuff too, you only get the technical terms here, for $1 for whatever was left on the roll. Not so fabricy but good all the same!


Tamara said...

Hi Cindy...firstly please do not apologise! Sunday Stash is supposed to be relaxed...a no fuss post, post it any day to be honest...Sunday Stash just sounded nice:) Love your button collection...T x

Michelle said...

Love a good button bargain!

LisaAnn said...

What lovely buttons. You are too lucky! I love a great button stash.