Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Creative Space


There has been lots of work, work, work this month and 1 night of sewing in a fortnight – unheard of. Poppy picked this lawn cotton at Spotlight and it is cut and pinned … so very nearly a shirt.


And buoyed by the success of Poppy’s hat, I have one on the hook for Caleb - pattern from the lovely Amanda, I bought it on Ravelry – yeah that’s right I am speaking woollen-ese all over the place. It is my 20 minute wind down at the end of work before bed.  Not the yarn I would of picked but Poppy was adamant that it was perfect for Caleb.

More creative goodies at Kirst’s, here touch of drafting this week looks much more interesting than mine!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


008 009 011

I love that some blogs do gorgeous photo shoots before they make it to blog, this one was on the way to the car. I LOVE this hat, which is a little sad. Mary’s suggestion of the pompom on a string – perfect. According to Poppy the pom pom has a name and is her new pet. She even wore it all day at kinder despite the sunny day yesterday.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Creative Space


LOOK, I made something out of wool .. and it can be worn …. by a human ….. in public. Sure I had to pull it apart and start again about 4 times, but mostly due to charging in and not reading and understanding the instructions. Even with that crochet is really enjoyable - the motion speaks to me … well the motion of the treble stitch cause that is all I can do. I have started another hat – for Caleb or Glen depending on how big it finishes! Footnotes of thanks to Miss Kat and Miss Mary xx .

Creative wishing well and a fresh cuppa apparently at Miss Kirst’s

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


016 The kids were discussing their careers the other day in the car.

Caleb is going to be a palaeontologist / rock star and said to call him Jet from now on.

Poppy decided a doctor or garbage collector – both of which pay pretty well I think so carry on. Her fall back option – butterfly.

Glad to know the future is safe in the hands of youth.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Creative Space

004 That is right, I am attempting to learn woollen-ese. No heckling required! Kat tried to learn me a granny square … again. I fear this experience may of required a wine when she got home.

There will be people with actual creative skills at Kirst’s

Have you seen over at Lexi’s that she and Calico and Ivy are collecting toys for kids in Japan devastated by the earthquake. Such a lovely idea, after a donation a gift of love.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shirt for Poppy



I haven’t had time to sew as much as I would like lately but I did finally get this one finished, it has been 3/4 done and patiently waiting! The pattern is from one of my Japanese books and stashed fabric.

*Notice the start of frozen ankle disease about to take hold on those pants


Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Creative Space


I mused a while ago about the dinosaur quilt so here is an action shot. The stripes and embroidery won out. It all seemed to be coming together quite quickly until I see that post was over a month ago – time is not my friend!

More creative goodies at Kirst, and her new quilt-y goodness.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Nippers 017

So the long suffering readers will know about Caleb’s long running hate to love journey of water. Since the swimming lessons had been going so well I decided Nippers (surf life saving for the littlies) would be a really fun summer activity. It was a bit of a shame that the Melbourne weather didn’t feel the need to commit to a summer. The other benefit was for Caleb to get in ‘loosing’ training – you know the annoying kid at the party that falls apart as soon as he looses – yeah that was mine. It has been lots of fun and has definitely helped. Saturday was their inter-club competition and Caleb got a 2nd and 3rd and he was really happy.

After the group Poppy and Caleb ended up on the paddle board and Poppy pushed him out into the water and while he was trying to sort out what to do he floated out too far to put his feet down. Of course this was the one week I didn’t wear swimmers so I waded out in my jeans before the young life saver offered (reluctantly) to go and fetch him. Unfortunately for the life saver the look on his face as he entered the cold water only made it even funnier.

*No Caleb’s were hurt in this story. He was in no danger, I could of easily reached him and he wasn’t distressed at all.




So the colder weather has bought in the short pants - I tried to tell the kids they were French but before they had some frozen ankle disease I thought I  had better make some new ones. This is Poppy with her new pants, in her hand picked fabric and rocking her new do too.