Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ice cream Dress

I realised that I hadn’t blogged the Oliver + S final dress for the social. It’s the fat quarter of Heather Ross bikes that has been stretched to it’s limits. The strips are just on the front which I sewed first and then used as a template to cut the back out in one piece.001 002

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Creative Space

Creative space 016 Not sure how creative 64 triangles cut and re-sewn are? These will be the corners on each of the panels for Poppy’s quilt and am just over half done. I have been giving my multi-tasker a huge work out.

Creative space 018 This sheer fabric from Tessuti has been waiting its turn for over 12months. I bought a shirt this week that I want to utilise as a template.

More creative peeps at the always lovely Kirsty’s – I will save you from my initial bad glue puns

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Off to Neverland

Peter Pan 001

My cute little Peter Pan in his Mumma made outfit and Caleb made sword,  complete with alfoil jewels for book week. Even his hair suits and he loved it and so easy to make.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sorry Mum …

Tattoo 001… but if that is the worst daughter thing I have done in 32 year that isn’t too bad? Done by the fabulous Holly at Voodoo Ink, should finish healing in 2 weeks, still pretty red and raw now.

Before I went I had to take the kids while I voted – Caleb asked what we were doing – I said deciding who was the boss of the country. Caleb’s reply –” But you are already the boss Mum are you just going so that you can make the speech?”

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Creative Space

I have been crossing lots of unfinished projects off my list and was getting a little excited until I wrote a list of new projects and filled in 3 pages.

Creative Space 002Monday is book day at school so one very green Peter Pan outfit for Caleb mid-construction.

Creative Space 001While organising summer plans I found this vintage pattern and was thinking of the playsuit - what do you think – is it too babyish for a 3 year old?

Creative Space 003And a little hand print action.

More creative spaces at Kirst’s 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


009The doll quilt for the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap is 99% finished and ready to go in the post. Overall I was really happy with it though there is a bit more wonk than I would of liked. I hope my partner likes it and it isn’t too busy. Thanks so much to the lovely Kate for organising and including me.4902678477_50ac2123ea  4903259934_9909aaffe2

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stitch + Stitch + Stitch

I am having a moment - it is feeling a little self indulgent - all the embroideries finished! For some reason the quilt top part is making me nervous, not quite sure why. The best cure may be to jump right in. I love the linen base, it was quilter’s linen from Spotlight, the creases though make it horrid to photograph.

Embroidery 017Embroidery 013Embroidery 014

Patterns from Comfort StitchingEmbroidery 018

Pattern from September HouseEmbroidery 011Embroidery 015

Pattern from Sarah Jane Studios    Embroidery 016Embroidery 012Original prints from Black Apple

I can’t pick a favourite, fingers crossed they all work out together.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Creative Space

My computer died on Friday so I haven’t had much room for creative. I really want to finish up the 90% jobs floating around before I get into some summer goodness (lots of sketches and not much more) and actual QUILT CONSTRUCTION – woo hoo. The embroidery panels should all be finished tonight then wash, iron and sewing.

002 I have finished up my quilt top, learnt a lot which is good for me and hopefully ok for my partner too as it isn’t as perfect as hoped.

More creative goodness at Kirst’s temporary house of wonk.

Monday, August 9, 2010

We went to the zoo yesterday …

zoo 011The sun was out. The wind was cold. The cherry blossoms blooming at the Japanese garden – spring must be around the corner.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy 10

One of my favourite internet ladies – Sophie – has tagged me in a happy 10 things meme.

1. Of course the family, but especially when you get the glimpses of the friends that Caleb and Poppy are becoming. These usually come in between bickering but those moments are gold.

2. Sewing, goes without saying, but when we head out and each of has a little mama-made I really love that, especially if someone takes the time to give them a compliment.

3. Swimming – the laps have been non-existent for a while now, but the swoosh in the ears. (To clarify, Ian Thorpe is not worried, I just do breathstroke in the ‘nana lane’)

4. Hanging out with my crafty friends, in computer land or at Perle’s or any other excuse really. I feel really lucky to of found a great group of people that I normally would of never found. I hate that at the mo’ there isn’t enought time to blog and comment as I would like.

5. Music – When I first got my new car I forgot to turn off the headlights, battery went dead, no stereo for ages. Once the music returned I have trawled through all my old CD’s and enjoying sharing it with the kids (I haven’t had to listen to a children’s CD in months – yipee! unless you count Jack Johnson Curious George). The current favourite is Spearhead, the kids love it. We have been making an effort to turn off the teev and listen to some tunes instead. I have to figure out how to download some tunes (so techy I am)

6. Colour – always, can’t stand being dressed in all black.

7. A cup of tea, some stitching and alone time. Half an hour on the mornings of Poppy’s child care and I feel re-newed, especially if there is a Baker’s Delight scone too or a lamington.

8. Sweet – tooth – no explanation

9. Seasons – I love being cold in winter and hot in summer. One of the reasons I love Melbourne so much.

10. Community – We have been in our house over 4 years (not bad for a renting) and the longest I have ever lived in one place. Familiarity is nice for a change, the local people and places, even though it isn’t ours it is home.

I know there had been quite a few tagged – so if you haven’t had a go – you so should, it is nice to have an excuse to think about what makes you happy and grateful everyday. Thanks Soph x

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Creative Space

Creative space 006 I was thinking there hadn’t been much creative since last week - the day after the circus Caleb got a horrid cold and conjunctivitis  and has lovingly shared it with Poppy and me. The stuff out of noses this week could stunt double for Jaba the Hutt (though I haven’t been moved to whip out my gold bikini and hair buns). We are slowly on the mend now but we finally got around to making a dinosaur badge that he has been asking for for ages. He loved them so much that as you can see they have grown into a collection (he is a boy who loves a collection!) Yesterday when he told me he was going to make dinosaur badges with his son it seemed even more special – there is a lot to be said for felt, safety pin and some cardboard.

Creative space 008 And of course, some embroidery on the couch is perfect when you are feeling under the weather. This was aided by Glen taking the kids out on Sunday morning for me to have some time – it has never happened before, but sooo good. Brownie points for him, which he used all up when I showed him said embroidery to be asked what was it! Can you tell she is blowing a dandelion. He suggested adding some yellow so you can see it better – what do you reckon? I added a little texture to it as well.

For more creative spaces pop over to Kirst’s, the house of luova sankari (see you aren’t the only one that whip out a little Finnish, lets hope the translator was nice to me)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On With the Show – This is it

Circus 002 Let me share with you some mum lessons from last week. At the school there was a circus performance involving all the kids. I had concerns – I did – but don’t want to tell of him of defeat before he has even made it to the battle lines.

I also had concerns about the group swimming lessons through the school and he has handled them like a pro so I didn’t want to sound like a nagging mum at the teacher about how I don’t think he can do things – I want to be the cheer leader on the sidelines.

I should of asked lots more questions about the organisation and never of taken Poppy for a 2 hour performance that finished 1 1/2 past her bedtime. Super proud – he did his routine a la hula hoop like a pro, but they didn’t sit back with the parents and stayed in their class groups, seated at the front so you couldn’t see them, especially when you are up the back trying to convince the un-impressed 3 year old of the exciting merits of yet another poi performance.

Let just say the finale was not only the kids that did a great job, but also the mumma who had to go on stage pick up child having meltdown with other child on hip screaming who had hurt him as she was gong to get them. What the teacher thought was stage fright was complete sensory overload (Asperger’s kids are quite sensitive) and over 2 hours of dance music and lights was too much. By the time we got to the car he couldn’t even open the door and put on his seat belt and was shaking and sobbing.

So ask more questions if you are concerned. Don’t feel like you are being a pain because the teacher doesn’t mind. And make sure the video gets your best side as you make your impromptu entrance, look forward to getting a copy of that DVD. I should of known better.

Once I got him off stage I reassured him how amazingly proud I was of him – and I really was. He did a great job and when I spoke to him the next day, when he had a little bit of time, he told me that he really enjoyed doing his performance for everyone. I am glad he got to have that moment, next time I will just organise to have him sit back with me so we can leave when he is ready – live and learn.