Thursday, December 23, 2010

Festive Much?

xmas tree 011 So ignoring the in-laws ‘here is 2 placemats with an IOU for 4' more’ and the fact that mum’s present isn’t even started and Glen’s shirts didn’t get past the fabric buying stage I can’t wait for Xmas. Last day of work today and ignoring the flu symptoms because I have 2 weeks off – so excited! Now I just have a few holiday projects to keep me going.

Hope you have a great festive time and enjoy those loved ones and doing lots or little - whichever works for you best and thanks for popping around and keeping me company and giving me inspiration and friendship – appreciated more than can be expressed.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Super Six

xmas tree 004 It is official, we made it to 6 and the first year of school. The last few months have been a challenge with all the change and expectation catching up to my little man.

We took him after 2 years to the psychologist  and she was so pleased and said with what he has learned he would probably wouldn’t even be considered on the autism spectrum. That doesn’t mean he is ‘cured’ just that the early implemented techniques have really made a difference. It was a really proud moment for not only him but I even let myself have a little ‘yay me’. Lots of work and time and tears and still weekly challenges seemed worthwhile.

He did a great job at school with another ‘Student of the week’ for trying hard and a report card with beautiful compliments about the sort of person he is. He is super excited about Grade 1 and his teacher and has done a great job making some really good friends. A huge relief after our 3rd school to find the right fit.

There are not words to express how proud I am of Caleb and how well he has handled himself and how excited I am to see the man he is going to be – all to quickly for his Mum’s liking! If you are a parent dealing with the early stages (that are really hard) it is not easy but it can get better.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Plans

puss 001 Only 2 more days of school and Prep is done – wow. Poppy is finishing up all her activities and one more week of work for me and then 2 weeks off – YIPPEE.

I do have some holiday plans though

  • making bread at least once a week
  • kids to take a photo a day (I expect lots like this one)
  • bike riding, park visiting, zoo, you get the idea
  • wrapping lots of presents and putting together lots of unwrapped presents
  • sewing for MYSELF
  • fixing up the kids bedrooms
  • feel like I am having a holiday even though we are staying home
  • lots of baking with the kiddies
  • hope to build a walking/exercise routine (hopefully to help with the above point)
  • looking forward to having some time to waste

What about you – any plans for the hols?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dinos Rule

Caleb's Birthday 030Caleb's Birthday 071 Caleb had so much fun at his Dinosaur Diggers party, while it isn’t cheap it was worth it. He was in heaven and even the non-dino obsessed were enjoying it - mainly due to the fact that Sandra was fantastic. At fossil dig time, Caleb was still madly fossicking after 20 minutes!

Caleb's Birthday 053For the goodie bags (sewed with dino fabric of course) I did some gingerbread dinos and the dinosaur eggs of questionable appearance made it in and have received glowing responses.

Caleb's Birthday 015

For the cake I wanted to do dino foot print cupcakes that made out a 6. It didn't quite turn out as good as the head vision (that seems to happen with me and my limited cake abilities but unlimited ideas!) but the kids didn’t care and the birthday boy loved it. One of our guests was allergic to food colouring so the lovely Katrina at Windsor Deli extracted the colour for me out of parsley and spinach for the icing, so cool.

Caleb's Birthday 058 Plans for a mushy post on Sat, his actual birthday and 6, how did that happen!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Creative Space

034 So it has taken me this long to get round to uploading the photos as this last weeks creative space! While madly trying to finish the teacher gifts that have made there way to creative space before I am also working place mats for the in-laws. I used this fantastic tutorial to make the spider web block. While the result is gorgeous I am thinning I may make this a centre piece and then make the actual place mats strips or I am just going to run out of time.

032033 I also finished up the lap quilt for Caleb’s teacher this morning. As soon as he saw it finished he had to take it in today so a quick snap fresh out of the dryer was all I could manage.

And most importantly I really wanted to thank Kirst for being such a great host.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When all else fails …

Pink Dress 002 What better fall back for some instant gratification after some sewing frustration than a pink summer dress for Poppy - You are guaranteed love at first sight. Pattern from new favourite Japanese book.