Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On My Desk - The Nana addition

In tribute to the Week O'Nan celebrations I have all my Nana treasures that are on my desk that remind me of her. I love the treasures that are practical too. The canisters were a set of 4 but one broke in transit, so sad and for some reason I just love this puss cat long stitch that sits on my window. I am going to get organised and get my Week Of Nana/Grandma players up on the sidebar hopefully tonight, so busy sewing!! More Desky goodness at the lovely Miss Kotoyoo's place.
In more Nana news, Caleb's Nana is coming today so off to the airport 1 very excited Caleb and Daddy with sign in tow - just in case she forgot what he looks like - Yeah Right!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week O'Nan - Day 2

Day 2 of Nana goodness, these are some embroidery panels that I am hoping to turn into cushions for Poppy's Room. It is on my to-do-list which at the moment unfortunately should be printed on toilet rolls, paper just isn't big enough anymore. I do REALLY love the unicorn and I just expect a little pixie to pop out of those mushrooms.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Week O'Nan - Day 1

I am so glad that there are many lovely ladies joining in with the week of Nana/Granny goodness. Amity Ville has some great ideas.

Pottery painting I think may have been one of her first recreational crafts, now know creating something she didn't really need. I have to admit these are some of my favourites as I have NO artistic talent what-so-ever so when people can paint/draw I always find it fascinating. I think it is one of the only skills that you can't learn. I had these sitting in the cupboard too afraid to use them until I figured out that seeing them everyday brings me much more joy than keeping them safe.

I have actually finished some sewing too, finally. I so love this combination. Aunty Cookie brilliance with a little linen, perfect for summer.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is ... Something I am Surprised I like

I really like this one, even though I am struggling somewhat with it. So in honour of our host (picture credit to her), here are her beautiful iron earrings, too cute. I didn't even own an iron until Glen needed one for his job and I only use it for sewing, but I really love how much better clothes look ironed. I still of course look like a crinkle cut chip, but if I have sewed it I now try to keep it ironed so it looks it's best. Who knew ironing could be rewarding.

We also watch lots of kids TV and I got to tell you that I do like this one. You can have whole Yo Gabba Gabba song converstations without needing to reiterate, even with other mums.

Hip Hip to the cuteness crafter Victoria and a Hooray to Three Buttons.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Tonight was the local New Zealand rugby cup final, Glen's team beat my time (yes I am sure I am the only aussie with a team in the NPC) so to honor his victory, here are the kids doing their best haka face.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Nana Cool

This is my Nana and Granddad on their wedding day. Unfortunately Grandad passed before I had the chance to remember him, but my Nan she was way past cool. An unflappable, accepting, nurturing kind of cool, all the great markers of a Nan. She spent hours playing games with me and taught me how to sew. She passed away just after Caleb was born, but at least she got to meet him. She was a crafting powerhouse and it was a huge part of her life. I have noticed that Nana love pops up a lot in Blogland, so as the end draws near on Blogtoberfest, I am making next week my Week O Nana. I would love for you all to join in even if for a day, there are lots of CWA Granny inspired crafts out there if yours wasn't so, perhaps it is granny squares, or those crocheted toilet roll holder things with the dolls at the top. Or perhaps it was your Great Aunt or Father that was rocking it, in honor of my Nan it is an accepting and nurturing join in, if you want to.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On My Desk

As an ode to our desky fabulousness host Kooyotoo - it is a bit of red today. I had a hard lesson in karma last night, I have one order left and a few fiddly bits to finish up, but instead of knocking them over, the excitement of doing something new lured me off my path. My punishment was the rotary cutter kissing my finger and forgeting to pull up the thread holder thing on my overlocker till the grinding noise alerted me to the fact that something was not right. Tonight though I will not be distacted by this cute little bloomer set and I will get back to my jobs list, me and all my 9 fingers.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Some more boy capes with a bulldozer and a cement mixer (I have to say that since hubby couldn't tell what they were). I am working on girl designs at the moment so I am hoping to get them up and organised soon. You may notice my model is a bit big here, but my usual ones were no strike again. He is a good man! At least the little men who are now superheros are excited with them.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Nuts about the Squirrels

So I really wanted to do my first Sunday stash with Tamara yesterday but I just ran out of time. After my Central Park Patchwork haul a lot of people made comment on the Squirrels so here is a better shot of one of my favourite new additions. Kristen Doren does some amazing stuff, this is a dress I made using her gorgeous ladybug fabric too

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is .. My favourite Movie

It is beautiful, it is in french, it is about destiny and our place in life as a random piece of luck despite our planned intentions. Three Colours Red is the final in the 3 Colours trilogy, and a beautiful close. Thanks to Hokey for reminding me that I haven't seen it for way too long, I will rectify this soon, with popcorn and a few solitary moments peace.
More cinema fun at Three Buttons.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday with the Sisters

I dragged the little people out to the sisters market today, I primarily wanted the mew Mixtape (those ladies are so lovely) but I came away with many goodies and some more ideas tucked away for next time. How pretty is the latest Mixtape, I know I am biased with all that Poppy goodness. I found the cutest Poppy nymph finger puppet from these amazing people, I can see I will be back for more - you almost need to brush your teeth after visiting it is that sweet, especially for a Fairy garden lover like myself.
Caleb was kept happy with some chocolate pretzel while I also managed to snaffle new sandals for Poppy and some more Aunty Cookie trim for me.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Faves with Blogtoberfest

The lovely Drewzel has started a Fave Friday to go along with Blogtoberfest so how could I not join in. Fave song was the pick for this week, I use to love music and now I hardly get a chance to listen to much of anything. This though is my favouritest song ever, it has been redone heaps and to be honest my speakers don't work at the moment so I am flying a bit blind here. Anyway it is Oooh Child, if I am sad it makes me feel better and if I am happy it makes me feel even happier.

Thanks for your help, the fabulous Miss Hoppo Bumpo

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Child Prodigies

In the spirit of Blogtoberfest (ie. I need some filler) and the fact that Nana and Granddad are now reading, I have an ode to the kiddies.
This is Poppy's new favourite book and one of my favourite photos, I think that Pip would be proud. Golden book, originally published 1950's in full Mary Blair gorgeousness.

It is Daddy's day off today so he asked Caleb what he would like to do, "I want to go to the fabric shop". I tell you, I was glowing with pride, Dad was not so impressed and took him to the garden shop instead. Keep your eye out on Project Runway circa 2025.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On My Desk

Today's desk is some sketching for some new designs that I am BUSTING to get into. I have 3 more orders to fill by early next week and then on to re-doing some old faithfuls and getting on to some new babies (clothes that is).
More desky goodness at Kooyotoo, more goodness in general there.
Also thanks for all your help with the cape, it was really valued.
We also got Caleb into 4-year old kinder for next year, which we are super excited (and a little bit sad about) for next year 5 days a week, but I don't think we will send him for all of them. At the end of that he can always re-do the year if we want, but at least he is in the system. I so appreciated all your comments on something so close to my heart. You all rock! Just to show how big he is getting, he is already shaving with daddy!
I have also heard that people are having trouble reading me on Bloglines, and I have no idea why, any ideas - since you are all on a roll.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's My Newest Idea

I have them you, ideas that is, well every now and again and I must say I really like this one. I REALLY want to ask you your amazing and valued opinion. It is a white cotton cape with the personalised first name initial that your child can paint themselves. I thought it would be good for the kids who aren't overly arty by nature and for birthday parties where they could all paint them together. I was thinking $10 if I just did a fabric pen outline of the intial for the kids to paint and $15 for the felt version that I have shown here. I was going to offer a discount if someone did order 8 or more for a party. I have just overlocked the edges and not folded them under - do you think that matters, I would have to add more to the price if I rolled the edges.
So please tell me, tell me do what your great minds think.

Monday, October 13, 2008

So we Tallied the Votes, Fabric was the Winner

So the votes came in and it was 1 (ie. Mr Bugandpop) for no and 11 from the fabulous ladies in blog land for a definite YES so here she is, ain't she pretty. I am thinking heart fabric bloomers (which I picked up at the Spotlight sale - Woo Hoo) and then the fairy heart as an applique on a singlet, Now I just need to find the time to sew it. The cavalry is coming in 2 weeks (Hooray for Mums), she is a great hand with the kids and is offering to be my cutting assistant. With Mathilda's Market looming, check out their website to see some of the fabulous people going her help will be invaluable

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is .. My Current Reading Material

I have to confess I am not much of a novel reader, every now and then I get one and am absorbed until I finish, but that is a LONG time between drinks. Now it is whatever the obsession with Caleb is, Dr. Suess is the man this month. I have a real issue with sitting still and reading just seems like such an indulgence. I do though love reading all your blogs, and what better non-fiction novel is there!!
Hip Hip to My Champagne Dreams and a Hooray for Three Buttons.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Tried to be good - I really did

So I hit the Patchwork on Central Park sale, front tables had $5 and $10/m and everything else was 20% off. I tried restraint! I could of got more, I should of got more, I so don't need any more. What a lovely morning.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Do You Ever Get sick of my Endless Sewing Pics?

Actually don't answer that because if that is the case I am screwed, because I think it is the best stuff I got. This is my latest order for an extra cute munchkin. I have 4 more orders left and then it is Market Central to get ready for Mathilda's. The deadline of mid November seemed a very long way away, but this year is really getting the better of me so I am going to be a buzzy blur for the next month. Can't complain though - I love it, even at 1am. Back to it for me!
I forgot - Cental Park Patchwork is having a sale tomorrow. I have palmed off the kids for the morning, so I don't get to the front of the cutting queue to hear a little voice asking to use the bathroom. Going to be there with bells on (SShh don't tell Hubby).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Taggin Life

Ethel Loves Fred also gave me some taggin' love last week, with an interesting one. List 5 Things that could of Changed your Life.

1. If we didn't have Caleb, who would make Poppy's ears dance (Refer to picture)
2. If Caleb didn't have Asperger's autism I still would not know what a Tapir is, and that could send me to game show glory one day.
3. If I had stayed married the first time, I would of been comfy but not true to myself.
4. If I had not listened to the lovely Meet me at Mikes, I would of NEVER started a blog and missed out on all the fun, thank goodness for that one.
5. If I had never tasted chocolate, I bet I would drink more.

So since I have linked my taggee, I get to be the tagger to five more.
Drewzel (love the new header)
Che and Fidel (So loving all your gratitude goodness)
One Red Robin (If you have time that is)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On My Desk - The Postman Rings Twice

Today's Desk is an ode to the postman/woman.
First came the parcel queen with my delightful Black Apple package, I actually squealed when I realised Sam was here. I also got myself the pencil case too.

Then our postie bought me more Japanese goodies. I so love the purple, I only got a fattie the first time but this is a whole gorgeous yard - Woo Hoo. The boy rock fabric even has a bit of bling too, and one of the coolest selvedges I have seen (Go Miss Ric Rac). I don't mind paying 5 cents extra for my stamps, I hope these fabulous people got a pay rise out of it!!

I also have some plain white that I picked up from Spottie, but that is part of a Sammy Secret Squirrel in another ode to the postie with this Mama. More on that soon.

Also is the list of kindergartens in our area (actually I forgot to squeeze it in the photo). I love being a Mum but I hate making decisions on my kids behalf. Caleb is 4 in the middle of December and suddenly his child care are wanting to know when he is off to school, and recommended taking him to Kinder (thanks for the notice)
Now should we keep him back a year and start him at 5 or 6?
Can we even find a Kinder to get him in regardless?
Will he cope academically and socially?
Why can't you actually talk to someone when you ring up the Kinders, I am now stuck waiting for people to ring me back?!
You get the moral quandary - Hate it!

More desky and love heart action at the lovely Kootooyo.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

6 Quirky or Boring - You Decide

I need to procrastinate, I can’t just come up with this stuff at short notice you know, so I was tagged a little while ago by the fabulously funny PottyMouthMama and recently by Bubba and Chicken (one of the first encouraging bloggers) for 6 unique things about me (by unique I think they mean odd, that is ok by me because I have at least 6)
1) Link to the person who tagged you
2) Mention the rules
3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself
4) Tag six other bloggers by linking to them
5) Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged
1. I have worked at the same job since I left school at 16, that’s 14 years people. I have left and studied and gone back. I guess that goes into the boring file, but I have been able to work from home for at least half of that which is fantastic. I draw up commercial kitchens and bars, so I basically bring food and alcohol to the world (you can thank me later).
2. Having worked form home though means I can work anywhere, and I do. I am a bit of a Gypsy though I have just moved up and down the east coast of Oz. I think at last count I was up to 25 places in 30 years, so not a bad average. I blame my parents for this, they started the moving itch and I haven’t stopped. The kids though have changed that and we are hoping to stay put for a while.
3. I HATE fruit, which for some reason causes people to list a variety of fruits to check that I really don’t like any of them – I don’t. I can eat a berry as long as it is dressed up as a dessert, but that is it. I remember in pre-school the teacher making me sit until I ate some and refusing to give me the cheese my mum bought me – If your reading lady you scarred me for life!
4. The one material possession I covert more than any is the Eames chair. The Eames were an amazing pair, did you know they gave any staff a maternity present of a Eames rocking chair. I would so have 10 kids for those babies!
5. My biggest fear is being lost in space, I guess for an irrational fear that is not a bad one since the likelihood of being face with it is fairly slim. I can’t watch any of those space movies as my stomach seems to crawl up in ball on the carpet.
6. I hate smelling and tasting food when I cook it. Glen is always saying smell this, try this and it makes my stomach turn every time. I like to mix different stuff if I ever get in the kitchen, and usually turns out good, but I don’t try before I buy.

I have been tagged by a couple of other lovely ladies too for some other things, but I have to pace my self, Blogtober and all, but I don’t know if it is because I am new to the blogging game, but I do like a tagging so thanks ladies! I know have to pass the baton on, which for some reason makes me nervous, so if the following ladies would like to carry on please do.
PippiJoe - Since she was the first lovely lady to tag me
Drewzel - You can do this Steph or keep posting cute cat pictures
Handmaiden - I reckon she will have some good ones
Mellimoomoo - She is total retro - cool
And of course anyone else that wants to join in I would love to read it!
Cutie Eames pic from here!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Do I Really Need MORE Fabric

I know that Pips week of fabulous cloth has finished, but I have to add in the fabric that I most covert. I think that this will be my next acquisition, I don't know how I didn't know about the amazing Miss Saffron before, but I feel she may soon be my new friend, and she is another talented Aussie and you can find her at Kelani!!

Sorry for the short post, maybe those are the good ones, less talking by me. I am having a bit of an expletive of a day (nothing truly horrid), but I am not going to fall off the Blogtoberfest before the first week is up, I'll shout another round for everyone.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

This is ... My Favourite Kitchen Item

Well not really Gordon Ramsay, but my husband, who while not a chef of his caliber they do have some similarities. He is a chef, he is a control freak and can be known to share his enthusiastic beliefs (read swearing) with the world. I could of tried to convince you of my culinary brilliance, but when I cook I seem to splash every work surface with something and I get a running commentary from Glen as to why my heat is on that high, is that the size I am cutting the veges, you get the idea. I do though like to bake when I get the chance and I can recommend the little baby cupcake tins, fantastic for kids, especially birthdays.
Our lovely babysitter, Auntie
Handmaiden, chose our kitcheny this is for the week. More of us here.

I hope you are all in comfy seats today as it is a long one! The last of our stashy week from the craft brainchild of Pip, I had to make it an ode to the Japanese. All they need is a bit of fabric, some cute charactatures and I am in love. This is my favourite skull fabric ever from Kokka (I am not a huge fan of skills but I like this one), these gorgeous little hedgies that the fabulous One Red Robin turned into a prized peg bear and 2 super cute animal prints that are my faves!

And just to finish off, my latest custom orders. I think the reversible cape with removable felt button looks so cute with the Russian Doll dress. It has "My Darling" in Russian embroidered on the pocket.

These pirate pants are my favourites for boys this summer. You can't really tell from the photo, but they are 3/4 length and this pumpkin cord is my favourite tone too! (Note the beautiful pointed foot of my model, I really am going to have to start paying her in more than milk soon)

My Ramsay photo came from here

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Spring Rain

I love these pics of the littlies enjoying a bit of spring rain yesterday. I love the fascination in rain from the under 3 footers!

I also went back to Spotlight yesterday, after a failed attempt the day before where we didn't make it to the registers. Caleb was channeling Confucius. He can sometimes be a bit of a "close talker" so we talk a lot about personal space. One lady pushed past me and nearly took his head off, "Hey you, get out of my space! Did you know Mummy that lady does understand manners either and she is big." How do you respond to that one?
Then we were waiting to pay and Caleb, well, is at ummh bottom height. At the top of his voice, another declaration "Mummy that wasn't my bottom, who needs to say pardon me!" I presume it was the poor red faced lady behind me. We hit the MM's gum ball machine on the way out, with his robot stickers in tow, a great outing if your 3 I guess.
So here is the latest addition to my stash, cute butterflies for summer. My local Spottie is closing at the end of the month (should I share the location, or is it like PottyMouthMama's bin), so they are having some good discounts with more towards the end of the month. I love this one, even though it is a bit of an unusual choice.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fabric that Gives a Hoot

I am paying homage to our lovely host Pip and Kirsty too today. I am off to the brown owls on Monday again, love hanging our with the crafty ladies! We are doing some sausage dogs as inspired by Brooke. What could be better than this fabulous purple owl number I swindled for $1 from Spotlight and this super cute Japanese dog fabric, lots of the sausage variety and a few poodles and french bull dogs, just because you can!

I was going to babble on longer but since I am joining in Blogtoberfest, posting every day in October, I gotta hold back. There is only so much witty material that I have to go around.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On My Desk, A bit of Stash and a Flashback

On my desk this week is a finished pair of shorts for Caleb in the same material as the caterpillar pants, but I turned the pockets on their side. I so love the Sprout caterpillars, you can find them here. Poor Caleb needs a little summer. More desky love at Kootoyoo
I have been loving looking at everyone's stash goodies so far this week that of course originated over at Mike's (How much do we love them!). These little babies I got from EmilyMe, a Chinese lady that has short run hand printed fabrics. This Poppy fabric I think may be my favourite for this summer, I can so see it trimmed to a white dress - I know it's tacky but I love Poppy in some Poppies (At least we didn't call her Bindie I guess, that wouldn't be quite so cute of fabric. Ironic really Mum wanted to call me Cindy and Dad wanted Bindie, strange but true fact.) Back to the subject, I can't wait to team the cars with some purple for Caleb pants. I love purple on boys!
A flashback, Poppy had on today the very first thing I sewed for her after bringing my little machine out of hibernation. I combined a vintage pattern with some super cute Japanese deer fabric and white sleeve frills. I was so excited when I found those buttons that matched perfectly at Spotlight. This was about the start of my sewing obsession! Who knows where it will end? (This close up photo is one of my favourites, Caleb took it for me.)