Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Winter Dresses

First up the clever Katrina of Windsor Deli who is the master of desserts and Italian cooking (sugar and carbs how could we not be friends) got coerced on Twitter yesterday into some gnocchi making classes. My cooking needs any help possible and I couldn’t think of a more fun way to do it. Let me know if anyone of you would be interested and we can keep you in the loop.



Not to sound like I am too keen on myself but I have been loving the latest lot of Poppy winter dresses. I have used the same pattern for all and replaced the ribbon tie for elastic and button and done different waist ties. The hem length on the pattern is quite short as you can see in the first photo so it was lengthened for the second two. The pink cord is decorated with a crochet flower and some little cherry action on the denim dress pocket.


The purple echino was from the patchwork on central sale with spotty Spotlight denim pants from the last creative space post.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Creative Plans

This is not an unfamiliar story I am sure, I went into Spotlight to buy plain denim and ended up with loads more. Often due to the quality and other reasons that people love to bag Spottie and my aim to only buy fabric for projects usually I can stick to my list. While these were around $20/m I am happy to pay for something different and nice weight.

037 Plans are for some sweet special dresses, the spotty denim for pants, heart denim for a pinnie and the blue flowers has already made it’s way into the jacket. Now all that is left to sew it all!

038 I also picked up these on the $10/m table from the Patchwork on Central sale.

More creative spaces in there new home.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Needle Felting


At the insistence of Brown Owls I seem to be expanding my crafty repertoire - first crochet and then last week I was lucky enough to join in with Cintia’s felting workshop. There is nothing as relaxing as poking the crap out of something with really sharp needles – LOVE. In 2 hours we all easily managed to make a macaroon and the sweetest little mushroom (which seems to be MIA ie. stolen by small fingers).

How could I walk away without my very own bag of woolly goodness and have started on a flower for Poppy and a Pokeball for Caleb (don’t ask). I picked up lots of earthy colours in the hopes of making some little creatures soon.

If you are in Melbs there was talk that Cintia may be persuaded to do more classes - fun, portable, not overly expensive  and stabby - what more could you want in a craft? Even if you wanted to just have a crack there are lots of great you-tube tuts as well.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seeing Double

When going on a big jet plane, sometimes it is nice to go with a friend.


My late Softies for Japan organised by the fabulous Lexi! Pattern.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yay Jacket Time



Why is my model standing on the couch poking out her tongue - well why not. Her new winter jacket is fully lined with cord for some extra toasty-ness and the outer fabric has a really interesting texture and is part of the new winter selection at Spotlight.  Most importantly it is a darker fabric with pattern so hides the mess that she seems to attract but still enough pink to pass the test.

The white lace trim are my new favourite way to fancy up her pants. 016

Often when you talk of making your kids clothes, there is the “is it worth it for the price you can buy” and sometime it is more the enjoyment but the cord and buttons were in the stash so the total cost was around $25. It is the same jacket pattern as last years.


Caleb’s beanie was one of my first finished crochet projects but actually fits Glen better (in my defence Glen does have a head the size of a toddler)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Winter Rising

With the cold snap, the production of the kids warmer clothes is in full swing. Usually it is a time to try lots of new patterns but I have used only a few patterns and varied the fabric, which is actually quite a fun challenge.

I contemplated this year going to the shops and buying them clothes and I discovered I have become that annoying person, “look at that material and finish for how much!”. So expect to be bombarded with lots of sewing – let me know if I get boring - well as many as the temperamental models here will allow.



Excuse the mess, the choc chip cookie of co-operation and the lack of ironing. Pattern for dress from here in new My Folklore. Pants pattern is my old faithful one out of Lincraft linen and pink angalise trim.


Pattern from here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Kids Art Class


Last week Poppy was lucky enough to have one of Dawn’s “kid’s home art classes”. While Dawn is a beautiful artist, her gift is really being able to relate to children. She read a sweet fishy story and then creating of sea creatures was on.


Poppy was entranced learning how to ‘paint properly’ and use ‘Mr Crocodile scissors properly’ (you know those instructions that always sound better coming from someone other than their mother!) and her face at the discovery of glitter glue was one of the cutest thing ever.


It was a really great thing for Poppy as she can still be a little unsure around new people and places, so to have it at home with me around was perfect for her. Poppy had such a great time she was inviting her back again before she got to leave and is now going to do Poppy’s birthday party too! (Considering Melbourne weather in June I think it should be a really fun inside alternative) Poppy has asked Katrina to make her cake too so it will be a little bloggy birthday party.

Thanks Dawn for a great morning and letting me use your pictures too!