Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Creative Space

creative space 001

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Last week when Glen asked me to make a quilt for a workmate’s new arrival I was so excited that he asked for something quilt-y that despite having heaps in the sewing backlog, jumped into this project. I knew straight away that the Fairy Bread quilt from Pip’s book would be perfect (Did you see Kate’s lovely one? ).

Instead of doing french knots just on the top these are pulled right through with a surgical knot on the back so it should have a really nice texture once it is washed. I am a strange creature that enjoys binding quilts so added that too in some Dr Suess yellow dot (coincidently from Kate too!). I used a stashed blue linen/cotton blend for the front from a Spotlight sale to hid stains and Japanese boy prints on the back. The wadding is a new polyester one from Spotlight so it will hold up well to lots of washing and not much quilting (fingers crossed) and it is a really lovely weight.

I loved this one so much that I now have plans (yay more plans) for a lap sized linen one for Poppy with pink Liberty binding and longer ties on the front and the french knots on the back, instead of the towel that she drags out now!

Lots of more creative goodies at Kirst’s house.

In the interest of blogging honesty – this was actually last weeks post and it has taken me this long to take a picture and hit publish   , but it is actually finished now and the new owners love it – which is always a relief!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Creative Space

007 Do you sometimes feel like you have too much creative space, not that I am some sort of crafting genius or anything but there are always so many plans and things I want to get done, that sometimes I have to remind myself “a hobby is meant to be fun!” Yet another planned quilt, this one for Poppy. She loves her embroidered one, but she still wets the bed and while it has been holding up to the repeated washing I thought a back up was a good idea. She also hates the top sheet and sleeps under just he quilt so want a light weight and thinking of flannel sheeting as wadding ?? All the prints were from the stash with some Kona solid action.

Lots of creative goodies over at Kirst’s.

And thanks for all of the Mum love, she finally got the electricity on yesterday and was touched by all the generous thoughts.

And thanks for the help in the quilt vote, the bottom was my original layout so think I will run with it!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


zoo 049I laid out my planned quilt for Caleb and then made the mistake of asking Glen for an opinion and now I can’t decide. The dinos were going to be appliquéd on but now thinking an embroidered outline might be better and then once dino fascination passes the outline can be unpicked? What do you reckon, I want to bring in some red? zoo 051

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Busy hands

Thanks to everyone for their lovely words last night, I spoke to mum first thing this morning and she is ok which is a huge relief. Whatever damage she finds when she heads out really is of no consequence. I hope that there is no loss of life anywhere. The eye passed right over her at Mission Beach with a horrifying one hour of eerie calm. They have water leaking from the ceiling so what she will find of the top story at day light is hopefully not too heartbreaking. Fingers crossed for everyone up there. *Just spoke to her and damage is pretty minimal considering with the roof and car port intact. Hope it all looks as hopeful for all the FNQers*


Busy hands made a start on a quilt for Caleb’s new room. Moore creative peeps at Kirst’s.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


See on that map by the #5, Tully, that is where my Mum is. She is assuring me the eye may miss her. We will know later tonight. I will be crafting and keeping my hands busy and my mind as quiet as possible.

It is also my Nan’s birthday too. I miss her. I reckon she would of loved checking out the crafting action. She was an inspiration and planter of sewing loving seeds. I will be thinking of her too as I potter around tonight too.

Hope that is all good in the morning – for all of them up there!