Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eye Spy .. Something Soothing

Chocolate tower from here
I know that August has not been kind to Miss Waffler so I can so appreciate this theme, especially after my last week - not pretty! You know it is bad when you are actually looking forward to Monday so here are a few of my soothers.
So when life is getting you down, chocolate is always the answer and if you are still feeling shabby after your selection, that just means that you need to try harder.
I am not a natural sitter-arounder so soothing is something I need to work on. I have been surprised that hand sewing quilts has been really enjoyable (applique only), I thought it would be a real chore.
The cruel irony is the sometime soothing can also be the blood pressure riser to begin with, but I love taking a no where stroll with the kids, or reading a book with them, or enjoying whatever great ideas they have come up with.
Thanks to Aussie Waffler for her great theme for this week and I am hoping that Holly can help us out with next week's theme. You can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you and it doesn't matter what day of the week that you do it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Creative Space and Meet Dave

I managed to get the next baby quilt finished this week and I wasn't too sure about it as I went along but I am really happy with how it turned out in the end. I did a little tag with his name and date of birth on it as well. All my friends seem to be making gorgeous little bundles at the moment and I really wish that they would stop, cluck cluck anyone. I am hoping I can get started on Caleb's quilt this week, finger's crossed and perhaps some summer sewing too.
More creative spaces at running shoe manor, Kirsty's place.
I managed to get some photos of Dave our shy girl guinea pig as well. The have been doing really well and were getting quite settled though the hail storm on Tuesday has sent them a bit scatty again. I managed to bring them in just after it started but it was still really loud. Dave was picked solely on the merit of having an orange bottom and tail, the 4-year old boy is not the most discerning of creatures.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where Did 4 Years Go?

4 years ago today, Glen and I got married in Brisbane with a gorgeous little Caleb as our best man and the photographer and my friend as our only guests. It was a glorious day and we were so lucky that it was so fun and Caleb was great.
(Apparently this is Glen's model pose which he has perfected after being made to watch Next Top Model too often and Caleb just had to put on Dad's hat and join in, who am I to argue. I will try to get a btter pick of the front of the bag tomorrow as the light was terrible tonight)
I decided to make him a 'man bag' as Mum got him a small bag and he uses it all the time but wanted something a bit bigger, funny considering he mocked the bag idea to begin with. I found this tutorial to give me some idea about how to go about it. I took Poppy to the fabric shop with me to choose and even though she was trying to convince me that pink with ladybugs would of been a good choice I went with black denim from Spotty and lining in Echino Lizard from Patchwork on Central with little linen pockets for his wallet, phone and key holder. I added some red ribbon and a Maori carving to the front for bling value. Having never made a bag before and I really love how it came out and was surprised how easy it was, heavy weight interfacing is my new best friend. I have been up late sewing madly to try get it done so I think I am going to have an early nigh tonight.
So I guess this is the time for a mushy post on how tops he is, and he deserves one too. When Sophie and her hubby were visiting, she was saying that Glen wasn't what she expected as we are so different, not in a bad way of course -
He is pedantically clean, I am a mess and I enjoy it.
He hates stuff and I hate throwing stuff out.
He loves noise and I am more quiet.
He is fiery and I am more placid.
He was a pretty wild child and I am pretty straight laced.
He is still procrastinating long after I have just got in there and done it.
He will of walked up and introduced himself and sorted out who you are before I even come summon up a hello.
He is fiercely loyal and supportive and loves his family so much and I am so lucky to have him on our team. He is a bit crazy and forces me to be more out of my square which I think is a great challenge for not only me but the kids as well. I am very lucky to have a man that treasures us all so much and he makes me a very proud lady (I do apologise for soppy overload). We are looking forward to a nice evening out once Mum is down next week, I have plans to actually finish a sentence without being interupted by little ones.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eye Spy ... Something I want to try

Well that list seems endless as I am always amazed at other people's abilties and end up with lots of ideas for things that I would love to try. I was in Little Sparrow this week and picked up this flyer to make the gorgeous Waldorf dolls. I would so love to make Poppy one for Christmas but I just don't know if I have the time, but I think the classes are a really great idea to keep me motivated.
I have also seen some gorgeous circle quilts (this image from here) and was reading this tutorial. I don't think I will do a whole circle quilt just maybe add in a couple onto Poppy's one that I am planning.

Thanks to Kimino Reincarnate for her great theme for this week and I am hoping that Aussie Waffler can help us out with next week's theme. You can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you and it doesn't matter what day of the week that you do it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcolme to the Zoo

I am not sure at what point you can start charging admission, but here is the latest additions to our zoo. Two little girl guinea pigs, named Sid and Dave (?) have been added to the dog, cat, fish and children exhibits. We do not mind if you pat the animals at the zoo but please be aware that if you do feed them they may follow you home and we do have a no returns policy. The photo is of Sid, Dave is a little more timid so I think she may have to wait for a photo debut.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Creative Space

Hmm not so creative is it. No that is my normal day job, well into the night job at the moment as well. Darn it and it's financial incentives because it is eating into my crafting time, along with the house work - blah and that angel faced girl - double blah. All I have is some shopping that Caleb and I did to pick out some fabric for his quilt at Patchwork on Central. I am not sure if the squirrels will work but he was adamant they had to be so who am I to argue. I have so much I want to get done it is driving me a little nutty, what can you do.
More much more creative spaces, with actual made things in them no doubt at Kirsty's house.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Eye Spy ... Red

Sorry a bit late this week and I do love this theme. I have loved checking out everyones red goodness.
I have my cutest Black Apple Sophie, my favourite red shoes that are on their last legs (excuse the pun), a cute red monster drawing that Caleb left me on my desk and the red applique slowly coming along in quilt land.
Thanks to Ellieboo for this weeks theme, I am hoping Kimono Reincarnate isn't too sleep deprived to help out with next week. You can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you and it doesn't matter what day of the week that you do it.
I am super busy at work this week, better get back to it now.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Creative Space

Perhaps I should rename myslef the house of quilting, but then that sounds like I actually know what I am doing and that WOULD be misleading.
First up, the giraffe owner from last week made his entrance into the world on Monday - as cute as a button and I can't wait to give him a squeeze in person - clucky much, I know.
Some progress on my next baby quilt. I am a little nervous about this one as the only direction I had was blue, red and PLAIN. Not much to go on. Hoping to have it finished up over the next few Brown Owl and Perle 8 evenings. Do you come along if you are in Melbourne, they are lots o' fun.
I have started a collection of fabric for Caleb's quilt, which I am busting at the seams (excuse the pun) to start. I am trying not to as I know I wont sleep until I get it done and I have so many other things to do. Darn you 24 hour day - how you mock me!
More creative good stuff at Kirsty's house, and do stop to admire the new artwork on the wall. Isn't she so clever. I can't wait for the Madonna inspired T-shirt with pencil and cotton.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eye Spy ... Inspiration

I am surrounded by so much inspiration, sometimes I don't even realise - I just need to take a breath and let my mind wonder - do you ever get like that? Blog-land is a wealth of gold, too many to list here. Below is some inspiration for the one million things rattling around in my brain at the moment. I think it I didn't spread my brain over so much I could actually be quite smart - that is my story and I am sticking to it. Drawing some ideas for this summers outfits and some quitling research and other bits that are just sweet.Sailors
May Gibbs Bush fairy
I am hoping that Ellieboo can help out with next weeks theme. You can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you and it doesn't matter what day of the week that you do it. (Thanks everyone for your feedback last week)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hand Made Rocks

How gorgeous is Poppy's new hat? Poppy is so in love with it, she wont leave the house without her rainbow hat now from Sheep's Clothing. Knitting is never going to be my friend, we have long standing issues - thank goodness for super clever ladies like Stacey. I am thinking I might have to get myself one too.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Creative Space

I was perhaps artificially assured of my abilities after the giraffe success and wanted to make a star pattern quilt - with no real skill, no pattern, not the best fabric choice (stretch denim - hmm perhaps not) this is what I ended up with. I am still hopeful, but this one not a success at all, points are messy and it is really out of shape. Not all smooth sailing, and that is ok. The Mum this time just wants something plain so I am thinking I will just revert to my original square idea for now.
More creative spaces at Kirsty's house - did you know she repainted, no longer the house of brown now the house of red - Fiery.
Thank you too for your great suggestions for Caleb's quilt. He finds the idea of asking if he likes a fabric a bit overwhelming, he usually just says yes, but I think we have found a theme at least. So Caleb's faves in order - animals, pirates, dinosaurs and monsters. Animals it is and just in time for the Amitie sale tomorrow darn it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mission Quilt : Completed and Eye Spy

I have been only showing snippets but the quilt had made its way to its new home so I can finally show you. It has gone to a giraffe lover so have been keeping that part under wraps. I think Mum really liked it - a huge relief - and I made it before the baby decided to arrive. I am a little proud of this one I must admit. The giraffes are Sprout from Central Park and the rest of the fabrics are from Amitie and Central Park.
I have a couple of ideas floating around for the kids quilts but I would love some input on Caleb's. He is 4 1/2 so I think that he is just at that age in between little boy and little man, do you think I am better off to go with a theme "like pirates or animals" or just run with a colour pallet of patterns (like stripes, etc). I don't want him to grow out of it too quickly.

Thanks so much for everyone who commented on my eye spy question. I think we may as well keep going - I was feeling paranoid that people were feeling compelled to play. I don't mind AT ALL if people join in whenever the mood takes them, that makes me feel better. So next week I would love to see "inspiration" - blogs that you find inspirational, place, maybe your Nana who passed on some great jam recipe.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eye Spy .. A Collection

Liesl's theme for this week I think is a really fun one but I am really struggling to find a collection of my own. Not that I don't have stuff, much to Glen's frustration I am all about the stuff, but nothing as well thought out as a collection. I have quite the fabric stash but I never buy anything for the purpose of "just adding it", I usually have something in mind when I buy it - does that give you an indication as to how many works in progress I have in my head.
Caleb on the other hand is collecting mad. As soon as he gets a toy he loves to flip over to the back and check out what he still "needs" to complete them all - he has cars, books, trains, transformers, footy cards (and we don't even follow AFL) - you get the idea. I am not sure if that is a boy thing or a child thing. I can remembering as a child I loved collecting stuff for the sake of it, I shall have to find that inner child again I think.
Thanks so much to Liesl. You can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you.
I have really enjoyed eye-spying but I am wondering if you guys still want to keep up with it - let me know what you think.