Friday, July 22, 2011

Things I love a little more than I should …

Do you have things that fit into that category, mine should also say chocolate too.

My shoes


The new Heather Ross III. I bought only  the one print, enough to make Poppy this dress out of the snow white one


And I just HAD to get some of the parade fabric from Sarah Jane - obviously I am ahead of my time with all the embroidery designs from Poppy’s quilt turning up in fabric!


The owl clock that Poppy made at her home class with Dawn. Two hours of crafty goodness at your home all supplied for $45 is brilliant and how I love this clock and the self portrait she did.


Instigram on my new phone ( I know, said phone is not that new to most people!)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A ripple in the ripple


Couch craft is dangerous in winter - there were plans for dress cutting last night but instead curled up on the couch for an hour of this. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I should share this one here in case I ran out of steam and it ended in a really long scarf instead of a blanket. There was a decision of orange or purple but Caleb assured me orange and white were the way to go. The pattern will be another 2 repeats which seems pretty doable at the moment. I am off solo to Brisbane in a couple of weeks for a wedding so airplane downtime should be my saviour! 

More creative types over here

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



Poppy had such a lovely birthday weekend that she started it at 4:30am on Saturday - mental note, do not have a party on a different day to her birthday! Dawn did a great job at her party if anyone wants to do  fun crafty day she is definitely the lady for the job! A Charlie and Lola story and giant cardboard cupcakes kept all the kids amused.

DSC_0181 Katrina made her a fantastic hopscotch cake that she adored.

poppys party 023 (2) Of course I completely forgot to take a single picture until the last guest left (thankfully Dawn was here and took some), the compensation was at least it happened to be my  favourite photos ever … even if she does look like she is getting ever so big!

poppys party 024 (3)

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to make her dress, not that she cared. (I did finish it though this week and she declared she hated it and would never ever wear it.) Then the school holiday craziness started. Imagine my enjoyment when on the first day Caleb came up with chicken pox spots and we were stuck in isolation for the first week!