Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Creative Space

Quilt 036 Quilt 038 Quilt 039 Quilt 042 Quilt 043 The quilt managed to find its new home on Sat night but has taken me this long to make it to the blog. (School holidays while trying to work is quite a juggle) I feel like I am cheating a little as it isn’t really a work in progress but there isn’t much else creative happening at the moment. After a year, and having changed the design lots I am really happy with it and Poppy loves it. Thank goodness it didn’t go on her bed and then she demanded a Dora one.

So many lovely ladies have helped me out as I plodded along. The border and binding fabrics are from      Central Park Patchwork and the service was really good.

More creative goodness over at Kirst’s, even if she is school holidaying I took the liberty of spacing anyway – I am that kind of guest.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Creative Space

4971704111_4a3967419f_mNearly up to binding – yay! (it is the stripy fabric at the bottom of the photo) My deadline was this week but the good thing about the ones I set in my own brain I can extend it out a week.  

4972310160_87d8969a6c_mCaleb has a dress-up  birthday party on this week-end, so filling Batman request.

4971701127_da98325d4a_mAnd the present for the birthday girl – a Poppy girl with some white outfits that she can decorate with glitter pens. Not having any 6 year old girls I am hoping that she likes the idea.

More creative goodness over at Kirsty’s. Thank you too for all your lovely words about Caleb.

I forgot to mention that you  can get your lovely Poppy pattern from the equally lovely Fiona.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


4964774973_ea4f1fea82_m Caleb is Student of the Week and while there are more weeks than students (everyone has to receive it!) still so very proud – and he got it for being the best at swimming (not skilled, but trying the hardest).

Part of Caleb’s Asperger’s Autism for him has involved a huge aversion to water, but holding him in a bath or the first swimming lesson meltdowns seem so much longer than 7 months. His swimming teacher has done an amazing job this year in his one  on one lessons and I would love to be able to express to him how truly amazing Caleb’s progress is and how much his kind supportive words made a huge difference to Caleb - but teenage boys don’t really understand that kind of stuff.

There was a little hesitation with sending him on the school swimming lessons - in a group, having to get himself dressed and feeling over shadowed by other kids, but he has handled it beautifully.

It has been a really hard first year and at the start of term 3 he started his third school. The other schools weren’t bad they just didn’t suit him. There was a lot Mama guilt being carried around about not questioning and considering more, but some things can only be gauged from the inside. At the end of term now there is a huge sense of relief – he is much calmer and gaining so much more from school. It is a good week.

Monday, September 6, 2010

What is Dad?

Student of the week 005I asked the kids for what they love to do and why they love their Dad and embroidered the response. I didn’t want to edit them too much, Poppy did come up with some nice ones as well as ‘stinky poo poo head’ – but you know the age where there it is hilarious. And seems only fair since Dad was the one that started it. Embrace the WONK.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Creative Space

creative space 003 Hundreds of safety pins and hundreds of little stitches, not the most creative but I am madly obsessed with finishing this now.

creative space 005 There is also an embroidery for Glen for Father’s Day – not sure what hope I have of getting it done before Sunday though!

More creative goodness at the always lovely host Kirsty’s

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


001 Fussy cutting goes against my usual fabric tight-ass policies, but sometimes there are exceptions. These gorgeous piggies were originally gifted to me by the lovely Amy! I am a little obsessed at the moment about getting this quilt sewn, whether this will last through the hand quilting bit remains to be seen.