Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Creative Space

My creative space this week in one word, applique. Here are a couple of finished t-shirts. I have got lots of things in the finished pile, but haven't been sharing - bad blogger. I will be rectifying that next week.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Catching Up

In life there are so many distractions, some good and some bad. In a house with 2 young children and a puppy and lots going on, life can become a little crazy. For my own sanity I love catching up with some me time at the sewing table, sit and create for a while. It appears that I am not the only one who likes to catch up on some "me time" in the sewing corner, luckily there is enough room for Squirty (the grey ball of fluff) and Pocoyo too. I have given them a towel so they stay off the fabric, nice puss negotitation I think.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eye Spy ... My Work in Progress

My work in progress is still in it's early infancy stage, I haven't even cut it out, but it is the biggest single project that I have on the horizon. It is Glen's birthday at the end of May so I really want to make him a super cosy jacket for winter now he is catching the early train for work. I am a little nervous, I am not use to so many pieces and sooo much fabric but I am sure I will be fine once I start.
Thanks to Michelle for this weeks theme I really love to see what everyone has cooking. Remember Mr Linky at the bottom, if anyone is having trouble putting in their address let me know. I am hoping the fabulous Jhoanna at One Red Robin will be able to help us out next week. am always amazed at her amazing sewing and great finds (she has a great eye for some beautiful dolls) and she is also super sweet.

I also wanted to say thank-you to all the fantastic comments that I have been receiving lately. I always so excited to get your feedback and support. Can talk now, must go - sewing, sewing, sewing - like a machine.

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Creative Space

The creative space this week is very late and very messy, I have all my bits out trying to decide on combinations for the July Sydney market and getting as much done while Mum is here. I am thinking I will do some plainer boys pants, you can see the start of them. They are a black striped denim with linen back pocket with train trim. I must admit I am a fan of embellishing but these are growing on me. My little Black Apple sketch book that I have been jotting in sits on top.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little Red Riding Pop

I finished the red flannel jacket from last weeks Creative Space and I am sooo in love with it. It has a super sweet old school feel, and I so love a little 1960's in my day. The trim is Trefle linen with ballerina pigs, there should be more pigs doing ballet I say. The last photo isn't the best of the jacket, but one of my favourite photos ever (not that I am biased).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Granny Circles?

Brown Owls last night and I was super excited to learn the art of the crochet. It was a super night and was so glad to get owling again. Apparently I have 2 left hooks, this took me a long time to grasp and I think it was no coincidence that Kirsty needed a wine at the end of the night. I have also had many failed knitting attempts too, so you know I have needle history here. Pip wrote out some great instructions so I couldn't blame that, I did try to blame my yarn and my hook, but I fear they were defenceless bystanders. I practiced like a demon when I got home and then at 2am this is what I had - a granny circle, but I finally got what I was doing. Tonight I found some time to have another go and look, it even has granny potential, so proud and I fear a little addicted. I LOVE Brown owls, so much crafty good stuff and good people - Perfect.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Eye Spy .. A magic elixir

Flying Colors
Originally uploaded by knightwolf8877

I love this theme but I am taking a few liberties with this one - is it just me or do I always seem to be saying that - so my elixir is that I have finally been able to book my week-end in Sydney for the Mathilda's Market in July. I am super excited, even if that is a little sad, considering Amy is hoping for Japan. Regardless a whole weekend away, without my entourage - a little exciting and just what I need to get back into the groove of it all. I am hoping to catch up some blogging friends too, even more exciting. Lets hope I don't disappoint as I am not nearly as witty in person.
Thanks to Amy for this weeks theme and I am hoping that Michelle at Hugo and Elsa can help out with next week. I love reading about her life in Tasmania, like a little holiday without leaving home.
I love this picture I found of Sydney airport.

Don't forget to add your link into Mr Linky below so that we can all have a look at everyones great elixirs!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Creative Space

I am making Poppy a red flannel jacket using the Spotlight Get Creative pattern. I love the ribbon detailing under the yoke. Mum is visiting for the next few weeks so I am hoping to be able to get lots done. Poppy hasn't left Nana's side since she arrived. "Nana, nana, nana" is all she has said for the last 2 days - it is funny as long as she is saying someone else's name 500 times a day.
In the back ground you may be able to see Pocoyo (the fluffy puss cat) making herself at home on Polly. We all share our creativity here.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cold Feet

We have lived in our little house for just on 3 years, that ,may even be a record for me in one place. I have gypsied my way up and down the East coast all through my life, but I do love Melbourne. It is my favourite even though I have lived here the least, but there are a few small reasons why I will never be a true Melbournian. I try to hid them the best I can so I am outing myself.

1. I cannot wear all black attire - I have tried and it is not for me.
2. I don't get AFL - behinds, marks, blah blah blah, passion can be contagious but I don't understand the enjoyment in the game. Kiwi rugby union here all the way.
3. When I am stuck behind a tram and it is taking FOREVER to get home with 2 whinging children, I curse them, I do.
4. The traffic is a little nutty, and I hate I can't pay a highway toll to a person or a booth, but you have to get one of those electronic toll things.
5. A street directory will always be a referdex, not a Melways.
6. I can't really stomach coffee. I really do try on this one.
7. Even though I grew up a Brisbane and Queensland girl, heat and humidity are not my homies. I much prefer a bit of cool. One of the things I love most about Melbourne is that each season is so different, but I will never get use to cold feet.

PS. I have a complex about having frog toes so it is pretty rare that I show off my toes. Caleb wanted to join in on the photo too.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Eye Spy ... A Surprise

It has been another busy week (busy is the polite word for CRAZY). I wanted to bring you some photos of our egg hunt but my batteries died on my camera. I just realised I could of taken some on my phone, but I am one of those old fashioned girls who only makes phone calls on it. Bah progress.

My great Miss Muggins surprise for the week -
Once in a while,
doesn't happen very often
BUT Glen can be right.

Shhh don't let on that you know. On our great Easter hunt I was paranoid that the Easter bunny may sleep in so we spurred him into early action. "What about the possums" - Yeah right I said to Glen, like a possum is going to eat an Easter egg. Just before I went to bed, rustling and then SPRUNG fat old Percy Possum nibbling away at Poppy's chocolate rabbit!! I tried to shoo him away and he glared at me in furry discontent. I whipped out Poppy's new Bunny bag that Caleb helped make, and scooped up all that was left.

I am hoping Amy over at Badskirt can help us out for next weeks theme and she is having a giveaway too for her friend and she has cute Kiwis - you know I am partial to those. I am hoping to get Mr Linky working here too so please add in your link below if you are playing this week so we can all find each other easily, especially some of the new players from the past few weeks.

PS. I spent the rest of the night trying to get to sleep while a sugar crazed possum did laps on our tin roof and the Easter bunny did a great job getting up before everyone and there was smiles for all. This photo is Poppy stealing all of Caleb's big eggs while I was taking a photo of their bags.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

PJ's Completed

Cupcake pyjamas completed and passing the snuggle test. Look out Peter Alexander.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eye Spy ... A New Discovery

I have to admit I have struggled a little with this one, I think at Camp Bug and Pop we are waiting for some new discoveries. There have been some up and downs and nothing new to report - sometimes that is not necessarily a bad thing. It may also have to do with the fact I can't keep a secret to save my life. I think that it is a terrific theme from A little bird told me.
My latest discovery - a Poppy Diva, yes, not even two-years old and already trying to rule the roost. Who is in charge here? The little captain - that is who. Her favourite past time is stealing Caleb's stuff to see if she can make him cry. She has studied some Bruce Lee too, as she has some moves. A swift slap and then the evil eye to weigh up what you are going to do about it. Don't let that sweet 2D look fool you - if you pass her on the street be prepared people. She has also learned "Sorry" which sounds super cute when she says it and how to kiss, just as well as next stop is a "giveaway" for my 174th post. My mantra is - this steely stubbornness will serve her well when she is 30.
Miss Muggins is going to help us out for next week and she has good giveaways too - you get all the good stuff here. I am working on Mr Linky for next week too. I am such a kind host too that I posted a few days late so that no-one feels bad if they don't post on Sunday (did that sound convincing).

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Creative Space

My space is a MESS this week, well the last couple really. The little flannel cupcake PJ's for Poppy bring a smile to my face, I hope she loves them too, I should finally get them finished tonight. Woo hoo. I have decided to spend April sewing for the family for winter since it is the plumber with leaky taps and they are wearing everything too small for them and Glen is banging on about being unloved since he doesn't get anything. One more pair of pants for an order and full steam ahead.
Mum rang today to organise her next visit soon. Exciting - Caleb said "Hooray Nana's coming - I need new books". You always know your place in the pecking order here.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Breathing 1:01 and Finally some sewing

So I am still getting use to this breathing thing and that things are getting done as quickly as I like, but here is proof I am on the right track. Poppy and I spending a lovely morning at the duck pond with Lulu the dog. I am even cheating and sneaking it into my Magical March since it was yesterday so still technically it made it.
And finally enough of all this blabbing, some actual sewing. I made this little pinnie for Poppy out of some super soft and sweet pin whale cord with ladybugs and clovers that I got at the Amitie sale. I have been busting to make it ever since I got the material and it is one of my favourites!!