Thursday, November 27, 2008

See I do Sew

A custom pair of pants for a Mathilda's market customer who had a little girl with a dress aversion. I think these are still super cute, even in the pant variety. The cute little russian dolls, met with cute red with white dots, and a heart pocket bottom and matching applique.
So glad to hear the positive response to Eye Spy too, I hope it is a goodie. I will whip into side bar action by the week-end.


Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Cindy these are oooooh so cute. Love the little pocket, love the fabric combos - gee, I think I'd wear it. So sweet!

My word verification is yards. This means you must go online and buy YARDS of fabric. PRONTO!

CurlyPops said...

They're so cute! I love polkadots.
I've never tried a pair of girls pants before... just need to find a girl to make some for..he he he

Amber said...

Oh they are so cute. You should be proud. Wow any other tricks up your sleeve you want to share?..xx

sophie said...

great fabric combo! So hard to fail with polka dots. Looks beautiful.

Beth said...

At that age dresses stop you from doing awesome things, like climbing trees, riding bikes and digging up slater bugs (I know, I had dress aversion too). Those pants are super cute, love the red polka dots with the little japanese trim. If I were a little girl with a dress aversion, I'd think they're pretty cool.

Oh yes, forgot to say, I'm in on eye spy as well!

Sarah-Jo said...

Dress aversion? OMG its what my nightmares are made of! hahaha

seriously if my daughter ends up with an aversion for pretty lil skirts and dresses I will of course accept her unconditionally hahaha
while inside I will feverently lament the loss of years of dress making......

then of course theres the pants, which can be made up thus with frills and heart appliques and sweet lil girly fabrics
ahhhh that feels better!

lovely set...dont worry about my tangent Im losing the plot today

ps my verification is goosch I think its german for kiss hahaa

LisaAnn said...

This set is so cute. The little girl who receives this is going to be over the moon.