Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in a Nutshell

The Before -
Caleb baking cookies for the pressie giving red one. Thankfully Santa only needed a couple as I think most of the batter didn't make it in the oven.
The During -
Lots of special goodies, Poppy ended up a little overwhelmed and decided to open her pressies in stages after everything got a good check through first. Santa and his delivery of bikes was the most impressive I think. Poppy loved that she had her own pink one after tootling around on Caleb's for the last few months.The After -
We have all been enjoying having some rare time off together and I have not really been at the computer much at all. There has been a little sewing, but a lot of sleeping (!), playing games, everyone getting colds and lots of Lego construction. Family trips to the zoo, park and beach and it is all going too quick for my liking.
Hope you all had a great Christmas, I am hoping to give you

Friday, December 18, 2009

Picnic Rug - Part 2

Hopefully these photos are a little clearer.
This is a great way to use up fabric scraps. I just made a template of roughly the size I wanted each 'window' to be, pinned in whatever grouping I thought looked good and sewed them all up. Once I had done that I found the smallest one and cut all of them to the same size (super easy if you have on of Kirsty's Mulit-tasker). Then you just sew them up with your contrasting strips, which was the only material I needed to buy along with the oil cloth for the back. I used polester filling as I wanted it to be quite sturdy but you could not even use batting if you didn't want as the oil cloth adds quite a bit of structure. I used some basting spray which didn't work fab on the oil cloth but enough to hold it still while I tied the knots. I sewed the binding on to the oil cloth side, even though it was the back and then hand stiched the front, much easier on the fingers.
Used these knots
Oilcloth from Amitie

Thursday, December 17, 2009

One present down - Don't ask how many to go

Poppy's picnic blanket all done in it's crazy pink and red glory. I used knots to quilt it together and I think that they give it a really fun look. I have lined the back with oil cloth which I don't think they recommend you put through the wash but have on good authority that it should be fine. It is quite big 2m x 1m and more than enough room for everyone or lots of dolly tea parties or trips to the duck pond or backyard alfresco dinners. Lets hope she loves it as much as I do.
Sorry I am a bit late posting but my computer decided to die a horrid death yesterday morning thankfully it wasn't too bad and I finally got it back today - yippee but I have had to take the photos at night, I will see if I can get some better ones tomorrow

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Summer Daze

Tree trimming this week to the dulcet tunes of Caleb singing -

You wish for a Merry Christmas and a happy new ear

Good night, sweet dreams to you and your teeth

Good tidings for Christmas and a happy new ear

So I think it is dentures and ears all round this year for Santa. I had to try hard not to laugh but recorded it for prosperity.
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Monday, December 14, 2009

My Creative Space

So I may be a little late, well perhaps a lot, but in the Christmas spirit - lets not worry too much. So the last week was all about the pirate, I made the hats, sashes, party bags, cake. It was on Thursday and Caleb had a great time so that was the important thing. Poppy had a blast running around as a little pink pirate too, complete with painted on moustache. Unfortunately it rained so lots of the games I had made we couldn't use but after the initial excitement of 20 super excited kids in the lounge room it seemed to calm down a little. Glen as Captain Grumpo helped keep them all in check too. Thankfully we had enough of a break in the rain to get the treasure hunt done, even if we were left with 13 very muddy holes in the yard after everyone dug up there goodies.I have been getting good progress on Poppy's Christmas picnic rug, hopefully finished pictures tomorrow.
More creative people, that have been patiently waiting since last Thursday over at Kirsty's.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Summer Daze

So much excitement this morning as we caught the tram into the Wiggles concert. Poppy went for the quiet excitement and Caleb had a ball joining in. I think it might be one of the highlights of Poppy's summer already.
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Five Things

So one of my favourite ladies, the Potty-one herself has asked if we wanted to join in with our 5 essentials.
1. Family, whom without I don't think I could go on. Many lessons and love and laughter.

2. Chocolate - hmmm, such a sweet tooth

3. Sewing - I love the creative outlet that it gives me after such a dry 9-5 job.

4. Blogging - Sure I could live without it, but I do love the friends that I have made, things I have learnt, confidence and support, not to mention Brown Owls and Perle 8s

5. My Life - As cheesy as it sounds. We rent but it feels like a home, we have food on our table, we don't have heaps of money but we have enough. I think this is one of those ones where if you have it, it doesn't seem like much but if you don't it is everything.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Creative Space

First up - progress on Poppy's picnic blanket for christmas. I am hoping to get the top finished this week. I have decided to not make it so random but have squares within the red fabric.3 shirts for Glen's Chirssy presents and a looming deadline.
Most importantly preparations for Caleb's 5th birthday pirate/mermaid party extravoganza. Invitations sent, pirate goodies to be made and one excited boy to please.
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Summer Daze

Thankfully the sickness seems to of passed us and I hope to stay away for the rest of the summer which started yesterday. Since I am in December denial I completely forgot that it was here. I did though jump in to Jodi's photo celebration (I do so love Che + Fidel and was one of the first blogs that I followed), so every Monday for the season I will be posting my summer daze. Pop on over and let her know you want to join in, I think it is going to be a fun one.
Melbourne weather, she is a fickle mistress, after some sweltering heat that could of melted your eyeballs, it has been a little cooler with some glorious rain. What you can't see though is that Poppy is running doing her rain dance sans-pants.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Eye Spy ... A Christmas Wish

Oh crap, how did I not get back here for a week. Caleb has been sick with gastro and the rest of us have been feeling pretty average too. There is the usual end of year run up madness too.
On the week-end I found time to clean out the wardrobe, it is so good having Mum here as I can actually find time to get some things done. Once I threw out the clothes that didn't fit and that I didn't feel good in and I wasn't ever going to fit in so "stop beating myself up about it" - there wasn't a lot left. I have got these gorgeous Colette patterns coming though and some cute strawberry fabric so I can actually enjoy the thought of summer. I am so excited - even if I am adding to my to-do-list. Promise to be back much sooner, and I am working through the Google Reader, even though it looks like Caleb is sick again.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shopping + Sale

I was listing madly last night and filling the Etsy store. Check it out if you wanna and mention the blog in notes to sellers and I will take 10% off and free shipping for the next week. Please note it is in US dollars but the price will be the same in Aussie $ so let me know and I will send you a correct invoice.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Eye Spy ... Joy

So many things to feel joyful about. The market went well and we sold quite a few different pieces and I am madly trying to list the rest in the etsy shop now.
I am joyful to have lots of time now to sew without deadlines and looking forward to getting into my LONG list of to dos.Glen's fabulous support, sometimes he still gets me by surprise at how much he believes in me. I love the pre-market shot of him with his coffee.
Joyful at my beautiful and crazy babies - love them so much, that is how that get to drive me so insane too.
So joyful at my beautiful boy nearly turning 5, this one is tinged with sadness. Preparing for the party and he is so excited. Gearing up for Prep next year more excitement with a little in trepidation.
Poppy is the light of my day and the darkness of my night too - the joys of a 2 year old with the will of a champion. Every day she drives me nuts and every day she gives great cuddles.
Joyful at Christmas around the corner and 2 weeks off, unheard of at our place and with no plans and no place to go I can't wait.
A great place to live, food on our table, hobbys that I love, blogging, crafty friends, all sorts of great stuff to be truly joyful about and sometimes it is hard to stop and really appreciate it.
Next week I think Eye Spy ... A Christmas Wish might be fun and thanks to AussieWaffler for last week's theme. Can't wait to see and as always you can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you and it doesn't matter what day of the week that you do it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Finishing Touches

It has been all about the ironing, finishing off the last few dresses and getting all packed into the car for the Mathilda's market tomorrow. I think that the finished yellow skirt is my favourite this season and I am secretly hoping I don't sell that one. If you do pop in make sure you come and say hi. I can't wait to pop around and see all the other great people too - I already have the mental shopping list.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I finally finished a week-end somewhat happy with my progress, all the skirts are sewn I just need to add some buttons and ribbon and trim the threads. I also got the rest of the rabbit pinnies finished and some new Russian doll ones too. On the home stretch before Mathilda's on Sunday at Hawthorne. Can't wait.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Signs of Summer

We finally got some beautiful weather on the week-end - not too hot, not too cold. You can smell summer looming in the air. There may only be a small courtyard but we make the most of it. Poppy would sleep out here as well if you let her, as you can tell by the cheesy grin and ice cream smile.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eye Spy ... adventure

Once I sat down and thought about this one I realised that I didn't have that many 'adventures' I have planned a few and through fluke or circumstance they haven't followed through. I have no fear about diving head first into life changing decisions but maybe I am too practical for adventure - then I have been reading some posts from my favourite blog people and I realise that I am on the best adventure I can have - as long as I take a deep breath and dive in for all it is worth - and enjoy the ride with my crazy family and all the joys they bring. This photo of my babies, nearly 18 months ago and around the time they first started to interact together. How the time flies.
I am hoping that Tara, (I do love the Waffler) can help out with next weeks and a big thanks to Louise for this weeks theme. Can't wait to see and as always you can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you and it doesn't matter what day of the week that you do it.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Creative Space

Even thought I have been busy I don't really have anything new to show. The market stuff is coming along well and I am making lots of plans for Christmas and Caleb's birthday. I am looking forward to having more blog-time soon too. I picked up Poppy's basket on the weekend (I am still undecided if I should paint it or not) and hoping to fill it with some felt food goodies, starting with Myrtle + Eunice's fabulous sandwich. I really wanted to make Caleb a tee-pee as well, but I think that may have to wait until the new year for that one. I have ordered some new fabric to make Glen a shirt for Christmas, wasn't there some discussion I had with myself about pressuring myself less??
More creative spaces at Kirsty's.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Eye Spy ... A Gadget

Don't judge me for what I am about to say, but I am not really a gadget kinda gal. I don't have an I-phone, or MP3 player, I wish I had a fanicer camera even though I love the one I have, I use my mobile phone just to make phone calls with - crazy stuff I know.

This is by far my favourite gadget and I still haven't realised its full potential. I am sure it does a lot more good stuff than I give it credit for. It saves me so much time and I love the finish. My sole purchasing decision was what was on sale to Spotlight the week of my 30th birthday, so nearly 2 years ago and it has served me well.
I am hoping that Louise can help out with next weeks and a big thanks to Kellie for this weeks theme. Can't wait to see and as always you can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you and it doesn't matter what day of the week that you do it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Place and Yours - Blog HQ

As you can see it is a stylista's dream at Bug and Pop HQ. This is not only where the blogging magic happens but also my all day everyday drafting work space too. There is even a glimpse of pristine sewing area and it is all shoved into the corner of the dining room, we make our house work hard. All the pretty stuff on my desk was my shelf last week.
Check out Pip's HQ for more places and also the bestest Christmas stocking ever and thanks to Ninon, theme queen.
I realised I have been so busy that I haven't been updating our progress.
Caleb ended up staying in his own room in the end and doing quite well. He had his orientation at Prep this week and although he was pretty wired by the time he got home he asked if he could go again today. I am still working up to buying the uniforms - so proud. The vomiting only seemed to last one day thank goodness and touch wood missed the rest of us.
Poppy really enjoyed her day at child care too, so hopefully that continues. Unfortunately she couldn't go this week because of cup day so fingers crossed that she keeps up her enthusiasm for Tuesday. I am so excited for her that her interest in everything was stronger than her need to be with me all the time.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Creative Space

Working on some skirts with only 2 weeks till Mathilda's Market. This is the finished prototype, I so love the gathering foot on my overlocker. I wanted to add a little embellishment, so after testing some yo-yos and covered buttons I have decided on the crocheted lace and fabric button. The rest of the material is patiently waiting to be wonder-skirted. More creative spaces at Kirsty's

Monday, November 2, 2009

Eye Spy ... Shoes

I have so loved reading everyones shoe stories, it really interesting, walk a mile really is a valid saying. I don't have a great shoe collection, I have skinny feet and have a hard time finding any that fit, the irony is that Poppy has a super wide foot and a nightmare to fit too. My sandals that Glen bought for me as I hate shoe shopping so much broke last week and I have my eyes on these ones - all their flats are so cute, but I do love a red pair though.
I am hoping that Kellie can help out with next weeks and a big thanks to Anastasia for this weeks theme. Can't wait to see and as always you can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you and it doesn't matter what day of the week that you do it.

I am feeling like I need another week-end after my week-end. We busted a gut moving my beloved sewing room into the garage! and the kids now have their own rooms. It is really hard as Caleb needs to go to bed quite early but I can't put him to bed before his younger sister, but with them sharing she just spends the next half an hour before she drops off annoying him. Then tonight I hear Caleb crying he because doesn't want to be alone. Glen gets to spend his day off tomorrow moving them back in together and the other room into a play room. Did I mention we live in a 2 story town house - my legs are aching at the thought of it. Oh and Caleb decided to get a vomiting stomach bug on Saturday too. And Glen put his back out moving the fabric cupboard down the stairs mid-way through the first morning. What can you do - poor little munchkin looked so sad tonight.
I have been making some sewing progress though - here is proof as to why I haven't been around much.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finally some sun

We finally got some sun in Melbourne so Poppy and I attacked the park and enjoyed the day. She is off for her first morning of child care today and I am a little nervous to say the least. I am sure she will enjoy the interaction, not so sure how she will cope with the separation.
She also got to wear her new dress from the super sweet Sophie! It is so perfect - you can see her at Sydney's Mathilda's Market on Sunday. There will be lots of other great creative people and some of my favourite bloggers, I am a little jealous I can't go this time.

My Creative Space

I am still mucking around with Poppy's picnic blanket. I have bought on EBay this week a cute picnic basket that I can fill with crockery and felt food so I am pretty excited (sad but true).
The plans have changed a little though, I was originally going to add in all the fabric bits that I had, but after Glen turned his nose up at it, asking what the very busy thing was. I am thinking I may stick to just red, pink and duck egg blue, still busy but the green and yellow was really distracting. Glen then suggested that it should be much bigger for everyone to sit on, and I have been thinking that may be a valid point so Inow it will be twice as big. Off to Perle 8's tonight, scrap box and rotary cutter in tow.
More creative spaces over at Kirsty's house, be quick because she IS moving in to a new house tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Place and Yours - 2 for 1

Gee when you write my place 2 for 1 it sounds a little dodgier than I think that it should! I have been meaning to join in with Pip's new meme for a week and a half now and I have finally gotten around to it.
This is the shelf above my computer, where I spend most of my day. I have my beloved Black Apple brother and sister and a collection of statues that Glen has bought me over the years - I am not sure why he does, I am not really an ornament kinda girl, but I love them all. The set of green canisters belonged to my Nan and one of my favourite possessions, except they hold pencils instead of sago.The bedside is a little less interesting but I didn't want to style. These are all that's left from a beautiful bunch of flowers that Glen got me when we went out to dinner weeks ago. The orchids have seen better days but I still can't throw them out, I think that they are still divine. The other table has a TV and DVD player on it, which we never watch. Poppy likes to sit down there and chill out in her own little space, big brother free. She wont watch TV (Wiggles not included), but will watch DVD's ?? At least it gives me chance to get some stuff done without "Poppy do" being screeched at you. So if anyone is in the mood for a little Thomas before bed (the tank engine that is, in case there are anymore like minds with Liesl), you know where to go. Bought to you by the fabulous Queen Lexi and the kingdom of endless roadside rubbish.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eye Spy ... Something Cuddly

It has been cuddly around here for all the wrong reasons today with the house in sickness. Poppy had a cold and came out in spots earlier in the week and then came good on Thursday - thank goodness for that as we made it to the great quilt unveiling on Friday night. Even though I didn't make a square seeing it in person was still really special. Poppy spent the whole time eating chips and running around having a ball. We hit the zoo on Saturday then that night Caleb started looking a little shaky. Now they both seem to have it and Glen as well. This is the 2 complaining boys curled up on the couch today while Poppy was having a snooze. Two peas in a pod, my boys.
Thanks to the lovely Bek for this week and I am hoping the fabulous Anastasia can help me out with next week. Can't wait to see and as always you can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you and it doesn't matter what day of the week that you do it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Creative Space

One of the Christmas present ideas I have for Poppy is a picnic quilted rug to double as a place for tea parties and a little spot of morning tea at the park. I have been rummaging through the scrap box to see what I can find though I did love the idea of fabric shopping I wanted to explore the stash and scraps first. I had drawn up a quilt pattern on the computer, which is how I plan all my quilts. I want to challenge myself instead to make an abstract, unplanned one - I am in no way a perfectionist, but I do like to think through my ideas before I throw myself in. The best from the pile is coming to Perle 8's tonight (weather permitting, and by weather I mean Poppy) for me to Multi-task into usable shapes.
More creative goodies at Kirsty's. I am hoping I can make it to the Redwork tomorrow night, depending on the Poppy-factor as well.

Thank you for all the lovely supportive comments after yesterday. Today I am feeling much more buoyant and I have a plan in place, just have to make it to Christmas - easy!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Holding Breath

I have been trying to decide whether I should write this post or not, I like the weather around here to be nice and sunny. Lately though I feel like I am struggling to keep myself above water. I think that something has to give and that is ok. I really love doing the markets and am looking forward to the end of November, but I think that will be it for at least a year. I have lots of things I want to make for Christmas and Caleb's 5th birthday extravaganza.
There are only 24 hours in the day for me to fit in full time drafting, full time mum, keeping the house in some kind of order and sewing part-time and trying to blog and keep up with commenting. Poppy is sick and testing the 'terrible 2' to it's limits demanding a lot of my energy. The year has gone so quick as I try to shoe horn as much as possible in and I realised that I have are no babies left anymore, they are growing up so fast and I want to have as much fun as I can with them.
I am on the roundabout where no matter where I divide my time I feel like I should be spending it doing something else. Next year will be such a breath of fresh air, Caleb will be at Prep much closer to home, I am hoping Poppy will be able to handle a few mornings at child care and the sewing can become a fun hobby again.
Please forgive me the whinge, at the heart of it I am so lucky to be able to work from home and spend time with my kids. I am so lucky to have a hubby who supports my crafty endeavours or whatever I choose to do. I am so lucky to have fabulous bloggy friends and craft groups.
Until then I will keep treading water.
How amazing is this image

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eye Spy .. Bed

I am not sure that Miss Muggins had this in mind for her theme but the kids clambered into our bed this morning - that is pretty rare at our house as they are usually too busy running around. We all got a gorgeous snuggle until Caleb rolled over and started laughing. "Mum, did you know that your belly is just like jelly". Hmm yes thanks for that! Kids I tell you, they never leave the house the same as they left it. The much sweeter Jelly's above from here, ironically they are called Jelly Bellys.
I am hoping that the adorable Bek can help us out with next weeks theme. Can't wait to see and as always you can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you and it doesn't matter what day of the week that you do it.
On a much cuter topic, here are our guinea pig babies 2 weeks old with Mama.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Creative Space

It has all been about spring and sunshine this week and look at this beautiful Melbourne Spring day, how could it not be! Not that I am complaining, our house doesn't like sweating.
I bought this fabric this week from the fab Kelaini and am actually going to make myself a dress - shock horror - sewing for me. I was feeling a little inspires after seeing Sophie's wardrobe efoorts. It may take a few months until I get to it on my list but I do have a serious love affair with this material.
Madly making dresses for the Mathilda's Market too, hmm perhaps I should line them with polar fleece. At least the bright colours are a splash of things to come. I was hoping to get a few more finished last night, but Poppy was being so mean to Caleb (a little actin gout since Nana left on Monday) that he got to sleep in our bed and it got to 9:30 (early for me) and both the boys looked so cozy I couldn't resist but jumping in too.
More creative spaces at the Kirsty's house. Pop over and give her a :-)
Guinea pig update - we do have 2 girls so Sid was the 2 for 1 kind of deal, well 5 for 1 really. We have 2 girls and 1 boy and the other she needs to re-check when they get a bit bigger. I think the little girls will stay and since we don't want a repeat the boys can move on to new homes.