Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Long Drive

All children are different, from birth they already have a personality all to their own, amazing really when you thing about it. You love your babies the best you can and in a blink of an eye they are grown. It is a long drive, but the view is amazing.

Caleb being first, and we didn't really have that much experience with kids we adapted our parenting style to suit his personality without even realising. From 18 months he would line all his cars up and spin their wheels, he would stack books methodically rather than enjoy reading them and he carried around an animal encyclopedia from the age of 2. Oh wow my boy is super clean, organised and smart - nothing wrong with that. The funny thing is I can even remember thinking - he never even makes a mess, his hands are always clean - how handy.
My happy little boy started to change at around 2, and doing all the recommended strategies for tantrums did nothing. Without even realising it we had stopped going out to avoid the meltdown on returning. Poppy came along at 2.5 years. We thought we had prepared him for what was coming, I will never forget that face of betrayal as he came into the hospital room, banging his head on the door screaming "no, no, no" until after 15 minutes Glen had to take him home. It was the longest 5 days of my life being away from him.
He turned 3 the week before Christmas and I had some time off to spend as a family. He struggled with his small party and a trip to the museum resulted in 3 tantrums before we even got to the door. I finally rang my friend who studied early childhood and asked if this was "normal". Thankfully she was honest enough to tell me to keep searching for answers. Paediatricians told me there was nothing wrong with him. A doctor I had to get a referral from told me she would teach monkeys Cantonese before my child had any disabilities. As a parent that is what you want to hear - your child is fine, it was what Glen especailly wanted to hear. I rang a child psychologist out of the phone book out of desperation and made an appointment. The next week was a good one, you always got a good one every 8 weeks or so, and I cancelled it. I had to ring her back once we were in trouble again a short week later.
Finally we had answers, a name - asperger's autism on the mild end of the spectrum. I was never so relieved to know my child was not "normal", but that his behaviour was normal for him. Conventional thinking wasn't going to help him, he needed to hone his skills in different ways. There was lots of slowly increasing tolerance to outings (including one very funny one with Caleb screaming that he hated Jellyfish) and helping him understand routine and increasing his amazing vocabulary to include stuff like feelings and time and hearing "no" infront of a noun - that just isn't natural to him. I discovered that I couldn't tell him something and keep my hands still - he wasn't understanding my words at all but following my example and I didn't even realise. I thought he could do jigsaws and in actual fact he just remembered where every piece went. My beautiful little boy had been holding all that in.

It is a long and steep and curvy drive.

He still struggles with anything but perfection. He hates to try if he thinks he will fail. He tries so hard to be the person he thinks he should. Last week he won the award at kinder for the best manners and has lots of friends. I spoke to his oc. therapist today and after visiting him at kinder the last few times she feels she is drawing unnecessary attention to him as he is going as well as every other child there (even if there are only beige foods in his lunchbox). His fine motor skills are even going well and if he wants to should be right for school next year.

It is a long drive, and even now we pass roadworks every now and again. I think it is good though as it is a reminder as to the miles we have done and that our GPS is on target where ever we are heading.

(The picture is of our wedding, Caleb was 7 months and Glen's best man.)
Actual proof of craft tomorrow I promise.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Eye Spy .. A Discovery

I have to be biased and admit that not only is Miss Megan rather fabulous but this is one of my favourite topics so far. I do like the more abstract ones.
This is the littlies discovering the joy of painting on the trampoline - they even got a little on the paper but that was not nearly as much fun as getting it on the trampoline, or themselves or Dad - you get the idea. This was Poppy's first go and she had a great time and the bath is now a nice colour purple. I really want to channel my inner playschool and start getting Poppy into some crafty activities, so I would love any ideas?! She isn't 2 until June but the "terrible twos" are rolling around on our floor quite often and I think she is just busting for some new challenges.
Next week is A little Bird Told Me's turn, she has a super sweet boy and blog so go visit and check it out. I am thinking of putting one of those linky things in, Kootoyoo started a revoloution with this baby, so we will all be able to see who is playing every week - what do you reckon.

So it has been a little while since my last blog and I have missed it. I don't even know why, we have changed the schedule at Camp Bug and Pop and I think I am still adjusting to the routine. Glen has been changing jobs and is still changing so I am now starting my day job later to look after Poppy, so that is cool that I can spend more time with her. This means the full time job is now being done in the evening to even up my time. Drafting at the computer at night leaves me drained as opposed to sewing (which for some reason wakes me up) so I have been piking in the evenings. I have finished the market orders so that is more of the same - blah blah blah. (Aren't you glad you all waited for this.) So this is my Discovery, I can't do it all. I am not sure what race I am running sometimes but I have just realised that I am not running against anyone else. There is no finish line, there is just the view as I take the sojourn (one of my favourite words ever - why has it taken me so long to work it in here). I think I get lost in the everthing to everyone cycle and haven't been thinking about the important stuff, so that is my new years resoloution - I am not sure if I am late for this years or early for next year, but breath is my new mantra.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little Things

So what is more little than words, and more powerful - you can't even see them yet they can be a gift that lasts a life time or an enemy that can do the same. We throw them around all the time, trust me if you live with a 4-year old, they throw them around A LOT, but how much do we consider what we leave behind as we speak them into the wind. This is what I am taking away from this weeks Words and Pictures, speak all the nice things that you think but don't say and swallow the stuff that isn't anything but beautiful. I am giving compliments to people I don't know, filling my kids with good words of pride and joy and giving myself a little cheer squad every now and again. Try it - it doesn't cost anything, you got nothing to loose and good karma to gain. I want to know how it goes.
More small things at Pips place - and big stuff too. like her super cute book.
Picture from here.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Eye Spy ... Something in my Garden

I have to admit I am not much of a green thumb, that is more Glen's domain. Honestly I do do things in this house, it just isn't in the kitchen or the backyard. Best I keep him round I guess. In the time of BC (before children) Glen had a great collection of bonsais, this is the last remaining soul and he loves it. Thanks to Beyond Pink and Blue for the lovely theme and I am hoping The Byron Life can bring us something beautiful for next week.
Always one for the dual post of late, hanging out with the bonsai is my finished Poppy from Hop Skip Jump, or Polly Dolly as we have named her to avoid confusion. She is feeling much better now she has a head and some clothing. She is fitting in very well, with Poppy already getting her into a sleep, eat and dance routine. Apparently she is very font of gingerbread men that Caleb cooked yesterday, I can't blame her Caleb is quite the cook.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have been contemplating this word all week.

When Caleb was a baby he made sure that we loved him - he made sure all day and all night. He was a fussy feeder, a terrible sleeper - you get the sleep deprived picture. I went back to work full time after 4 weeks, while I was still at home drafting, Glen was the man, unfortunately no-one asked Caleb who just wanted his Mummy. Not sounding so cosy yet I know. He would only sleep on me, even during the day I would work one armed with him fast asleep. At night he woke every hour for half an hour until he was at least 2 and only wanted his Mum so he ended up sleeping in our bed to save my sanity.
For some reason I don't tell most people, like it is something to be ashamed of,
but even now
to me that is
Knowing my sleeping little angel is at peace, twirling my hair in a sweet dream land.
Now I don't even remember the struggles, just the peace. And I don't even mind that he tested me out. He was making a family he had to be sure, I guess.

I think Pip's word and pictures has been such a fantastic idea.

(I had another picture I have been searching for but I will have to stick with this one)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Creative Space

Have you seen the beautiful creations that Fiona does at Hop Skip Jump, the cutest softies ever. She was wandering if someone would help test run her doll pattern - hhmmm - let me think - oh hell yeah. Here she is, hopefully by tomorrow she will have a head and some clothes might be a good idea too I think. I like her very much already though with her long limbs. Fiona has called her Poppy, how could I resist. I am hoping I can save it for my Poppy's second birthday in a few months, but knowing me I will end up giving it to her straight away.
More Creative glimpses at Kirsty's house.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Magic March Monday, Eye Spy, Sunday Stash, the Stitches Show, Off to Market

As you can gather from the title I have a little to cover here, it is not that I have been slack though just caught in some weird time vacuum - you know what I mean.

So PottyMouthMama's fab Magical March is going so quick, and I have been keeping an eye out. There have been lots of changes in the last few weeks at Bug and Pop central, out of your comfort zone stuff. Glen has started a new job today and I think it is going to work out so much better than the last, more challenging, more hours, more responsibility. It wasn't exactly his choice to leave but I think it will take him to such a better place, I reckon that is pretty magical when you realise that life steers you in the direction that you need to be and you don't even realise it.
The Stitches and Craft show was a fantastic day out with some lovely ladies. So there was girly giggling, catching up with friends I have not met before but knew so well, there was inappropriate stroking of fabric, there was oggling of fabulously talented ladies wares - so in all this of course I took not one photo. So my Sunday Stash is all my great goodies that I snaffled. When I got home Glen said "Is that all you bought", I nearly went back again as there was SO much good stuff! Miss Kelani was just divine and I got some sweet fabric, fairies for Poppy and old fashioned toys for the boys. I am always a sucker for the Aunty as well, my favourite Cookie and with no calories. The little girl is from Ric Rac (her selvedge creations even more amazing in person), the playmat from One girl, Mixtape mag and super cute fabric bundle from Leni and Rose. Nice collection I think though I forgot to get a One Red Robin brooch. More fabricy goodness at Tamara's.
(Amazing picture from here)
Eye spy for the week was my favourite colour, but I must admit I am a non-colour discriminator, I love them all in some tone or another. It is a bit like picking your favourite child, can't be done. I think that might be my biggest problem that I can't filter and end up with a mix of everything together. Thanks to Amityville Boronia for her super sweet theme. I am hoping the Beyond Pink and Blue will be able to pick out next weeks theme. While you are there check out the GREAT work she has been doing with Rainbow comfort packs.
Lastly but not least the market went well on Sunday, thanks so much for all your well wishes yet again. It wasn't as good as the December one, but I think I may of been a little spoilt there. As always it is interesting to see what does and doesn't go well. The applique tops did well so I think I will definitely do more of those. The boy pants in denims and browns and the vests were super popular but the green and orange pants not as much so I am thinking that I will do some different types for the Sydney market in July and see how they go. Thankfully Glen came with me which was great (you can see him in profile with coffee), only someone special can tell you not to look scared - It is meant to be fun. And it was, there is nothing better when someone gasps "Oh I love capes". Lots of super sweet ladies came to say hello as well, Beth and Lou and the always super supportive Liesl with Argy in tow. Can't wait for Sydney in July already, at least I have a good head start for that one, so not so many late nights.
Wow, what a post, I probably should of broken for you. It is late, hope I haven't sent you off to sleep.

Friday, March 13, 2009


100.. that is the magic number that I had in mind for the number of clothes to take to the Mathilda's Market this Sunday. It sounded a little crazy in my head with a full time job, a 2 month count down and just me sewing but I think I have made it. I am super excited with how they are all looking too. Come check it out at Hawthorne Town Hall - if you want - I may need someone to poke me in case I have fallen asleep after this last push to get it all done. I will be towards the back of the second hall, and thanks to for everyone's support words too, you are all TOPS!!
PS I have been a very slack commentor too - from next week - No more, I promise to be back annoying all of you.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Creative Space

Another oldie but a goodie. I still love this Russian doll fabric. Can't talk - lots of sewing. Too ashamed to show you my actual desk - eek.

More creative spaces at Kirtsy's house, a lot more indepth than mine.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Have I shown you this one yet?

I have done some more reversible capes with polar fleece for winter. I still love these. The dress is white cord with Japanese butterfly yoke. I think it would look super sweet with a red long sleeve shirt under.

I am excited - I am off to the Stitches and Craft show tomorrow, I even have a date. Can't wait. Child free - woo hoo.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Magical March Monday

So the fabulous PottyMouthMama is hosting Magical March, she of better dedication then me is posting little pearls of magic everyday, I am committing to trying to find something every Monday. A little slack I know, but I have to tell you I am struggling a little finding magic - how sad is that, must be rectified.
Today was a public holiday in Melbourne, I was still working but Glen and Caleb decided to catch the train into the city and get donuts. I sent him off with the camera as Caleb loves taking photos. This one of his shadow taking the photo is so magical to me, I really, really love it.

I love the tree snap shot too. You will be pleased to know the donuts were good too.


I have spotted this funny little meme around at Pip's and a few places so I decided to join in. You search "Unfortunately Your Name" in Google and then enjoy the lovely people out there that you share you namesake with. Worth a little giggle on a Monday I think. Perhaps they give you an idea on my personality.
Unfortunately, Cindy has also often been labeled a flirt
Unfortunately, Cindy was an Israeli secret agent, a honey pot' in spy parlance
Unfortunately Cindy can't make the same claims with her polo career
Unfortunately Cindy didn't want to knit these for me so I had to do it myself
Unfortunately, Cindy has been shot
Unfortunately, Cindy's in her own little distorted world
Unfortunately, Cindy was only able to complete half of the mural due to death
Unfortunately, Cindy had some ideas
Unfortunately, Cindy is right. So many times she was right

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eye Spy ... Something that make me Laugh

This one is too easy, if you have read this blog you will know that it is my crazy family, admittedly the nut doesn't fall too far from the tree, Glen is a little mad too.
Conversations are always worth a laugh. Caleb informed me the other day when he goes to work he is going to buy a flying carpet so he can go to China and read books?! He then asked Mum where do you want to go to buy fabric.
We were making shapes out of clouds yesterday and one looked like a bowling bowl and the other was a moose playing violin?!
He ran past me the other day going to the toilet yelling I can't talk now Mum I am going to the wee wee shop?!
Poppy loves to steal his cars, runs off going nee-nee-nee and shaking her bottom at him.
I think it is one of those if you don't laugh you will cry kind of deals. Thanks to Drobtinice for the fun theme and I am hoping Amityville Boronia can help with next week.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Creative Space

The last few weeks have been all about the gathering foot, this week has been applique and yo-yos. I have never made one before and I have to tell you they are a little addictive. I found this tutorial and off I went. I used them to spruce up this little tee to go with the deer pants.
I also finished up the frill dress too, it is a grape purple linen with bird frill and applique. My model was channeling her inner Naomi Campbell today so the photos aren't great again. Thank goodness she didn't have a mobile phone. I so hate the slapping and pinching stage!!
I was hoping to get everything in my Etsy shop before the Mathilda's Market, but I fear I wont have time. If you have seen anything that you like please email me or leave a comment as most of it I don't have any fabric left so I can't make anymore. I will list whatever is left after the market. The market is Sunday week at the Hawthorne Town Hall 9-2, I have already had a few people hoping to drop in - please do! and let me know!

More great creative spaces over at Kirsty's house. Go see she is very friendly.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Purple People Eater

I have finally got the whole outfit finished for Mathilda's Market, you may remember the purple pants from a while ago, I made this square yoke, 3/4 sleeve top with Alexander Henry birds fabric on the bottom. I have to be honest, I am a lover of the purple and I like it, oh I like it alot. We had some beautiful rain today and it was lovely and cool, but outside photos were not an option, unfortunately my model wasn't feeling the change of venue so please excuse the photos.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Poppy Language

Poppy is 20 months now so she is also getting a little vocab together - I will share this list on the proviso that you do not judge my parenting.
"milk", "donut", "ice cream" - the three main food groups

"turtle", "spider", everytime she spies a spider she shreaks in fear, just like her Dad, I tried to catch her mid screech in the photo
"mine, mine, mine" who can forget "no, no, no", "bounce" and "here I am" useful for when she runs away, all the time!
"elmo", "sponge bob" (?) even though she doesn't like TV
"ready" and she is ready for anything, scooter rides, running, anything involving dirt
she also likes to call men "daddy" when we are out, slightly disconcerting for the poor men that are madly counting back 9 months in their mind.
My personal favourite is her universal words, hot works for hot or cold and down is either up or down. No amount of correcting her is changing her mind either.
Caleb on the other hand, never draws breath, his eyes twinkle and he whispers, "you can't say the bad word, can you. Daddy is just really naughty."

Eye Spy ... Something that makes me Happy

I have taken liberties this week, I think I do every week, so this is what makes my little ones happy.
I love this photo of Caleb, mid jump, he looks like he is flying. It was taken yesterday so thankfully he is on the mend.
Poppy's happy is a little more , umm, obscure, how do I put this - it is umm, Poo Spotting. Nothing makes her happier that running around the backyard in search of treasure left by Lulu (I should point out that that is our puppy). Here she is triumphant in victory in the yard yelling.

I am made happy by all the frilly pant love - thanks so much everyone. It has given me a much needed push with 2 weeks left until the Mathilda's Market.
And the Stitches and Craft show, I can't wait. I even got an invite to show, but I just can't do 5 days. My space would of been a child fence with 2 rabid children inside and a do not feed the animals sign. Plus it would impeed on my important shopping time, so many great crafty people are going to be there! Like Christmas excited.
Thanks so much to Iris and Lily for this weeks theme and I am hoping that Drobtinice can help us out for next week.