Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Creative Space

I am still madly quilting and really enjoying it. I have finished the blocks and nearly done with the hand sewing and onto the binding. I think I may be a little addicted. My hand sewing needs ALOT of practice so I have had to draw marks on my fingernail (that you can see) so that I can try to unify my stitches - high class crafter I know!
More creative spaces over at Kirsty's House o Mystery - just follow the trail of pencil shavings.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod and Winners

Poppy just before her birthday decided to climb out of her cot, and not confidently, more ruggedly determined. I was concerned she was going to break a leg in her pursuit for freedom, so into a big girl bed for her. She just got her special big girl princess bed last week, but I was panicked as my little baby keeps growing up so darn quick. During her transition, I said to Caleb that perhaps she would feel better if he kept her company. After 4.5 years of bunking in with us, and on the promise of hot wheels cars, up he went and has been there ever since. My favourite is listening to them when they wake up - they have the funniest conversations. At night Caleb crashes in 5 minutes, and you can still hear Poppy talking to him half an hour later - the joys of a little sister, the benefit of being a heavy sleeper. I have really been enjoying the little bit of quilting and am working up to doing quilts for them, but I am paralysed with choice, I just can't decide what I want to do.
I had a moment when the cot left the house. I am blaming it being compounded by her 2nd birthday. I still can't believe that Caleb is off to school next year. I am super excited that I am still allowed lots of cuddles and am enjoying every moment I get to spend with them. Less hours at work has more than been compensated by more time with Poppy who is growing into a young diva (umm I mean lady) by the day.
Also the winners from the giveaway - Melli can look forward to a special dress and some new pants heading over the waters for Michelle's pirate. Please email me your addresses and sizes and I can send them off to their new homes.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eye Spy ... Beauty

I am super lucky, but sometimes I get wrapped up in life and forget to look around. Today - Poppy especially - I would lovingly call a tad feral. We tried lots of short term amusements and lots of short fuses. This is her face as soon as Dad got home after work where he had been on his feet all day and I am sure just wanted to sit down. She insisted that he take her out on the trampoline and her whole demeanour changed. I am so lucky to have children with a man that is so proud to be a Dad. He isn't perfect at it, and has been known to drive me nuts (I don't know who loves a fart joke more - Glen or Caleb), but the love that he has for them is nothing short of beautiful. It is even more special since after the city incident Poppy was a little anti-Dad for a while, best she remember who is the soft touch.
Thanks to Stacey for this weeks great theme, she is even having a sale in her shop too if you are in need of knitted beauty. I am hoping that Hoppo Bumpo can help us out next week. You can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you.
Also don't forget there is still a few days left for the giveaway.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Creative Space

I am super excited by my creative space - my first ever real quilt for a nearly hatched baby. Since the mum reads the blog I can't give too much away, but I am really loving the orange and red pallet. I went down to Amitie and found the staff there sooo helpful (I see they are having a sale on 7th August!!). How gorgeous are the rabbits, I just couldn't leave that behind! I have been using my new HAC multi-crafter for my new quilting adventures and it is good. She is such a clever chicken, the lovely creative space host Kirsty and always hatching cool ideas.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Joy - Brought to you by Caleb

Pip's Words and Pictures for this week is Joy, she is also hosting a week of Special Stuff so I think I will file it away there too. On Sunday I said to Caleb take photos of anything that makes you feel happy because I love it when I can palm off a bit of homework. Drum roll please - presenting Caleb's Ode to Joy.
Making cookies (good fun to cook and eat)
A blurry Mum photo (I am sure Dad would of made it but he was working. I doubt Poppy would of made it, but she was sleeping so best not give the option)
His new Wobbally game,140 wobblying ball tower and you poke the balls with a stick until it falls down (clearly invented by a person who has sat next to an obnoxious child on public transport and wishes to payback every parent on earth with this messy game - If you are out there - it is working, I hope you are happy)
Books, cars, scooter and dog
Stick find
Shoes, because you can't run around or go outside without them - fair enough I guess
Our paint brushes as we have been doing some painting with water

What makes me think that life should be that simple and those great things should be enough make me happy too. Glad I had such a smartie to point it out to me.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Giveaway - Finally

So I have finally got around to my long intended giveaway, too many arty pursuits yesterday then the light for photos had gone. So thank you to every one that reads, comments and takes time out of their life to visit. It has been nearly a year since I started blogging and not long before that I didn't even know what a blog was and I certainly didn't know the fun adventure that it would be. I also have to say thank you to Pip for her "how to blog" that gave me the confidence to actually get out there.
Giveaway choices -
Pink girls square yoke dress in Size 1,2 or 3.
Black boys pants with pirate trim Size 1, 2 or 3.
Baby sets in 000, 00 or 0.
Just comment, let me know your choice and what you would like to see more or less of here. I will draw a winner next Tuesday morning the 28th July (my official first blog birthday). Overseas entries are welcome.
Also I forgot the call to action, Potty Mouth Mama's gorgeous little boy has lost his favourite bear, a Tomfoolery "Albert" that is no longer being made, if anyone has spotted one he would so love it.

Eye Spy ... Something I Should use

I am not really into keeping 'special' things, I like stuff to get used. Better to have something broken and loved than intact and dusty. Admittedly there may be a little bit in my fabric stash that is yet to be used, but I do usually have a purpose for it when I buy it. I just run out of time to get it all done - that is my excuse any way and you are not going to get me to budge on it. There is one thing though, I wish I could channel my inner Playschool in getting crafty with the kids. We do lots of outdoor things, playing games, etc but when it comes to getting them both together to do an art activity I do struggle. Caleb like most boys, especially with asperger's are really not crafty by nature so I am super excited that he is just getting into drawing so I really want to capture his imagination since he avoids it at kinder. So this morning we got out the drawing goodies, still in our pj's and got scribbling. Ice cream rewards are always good too.
Thanks Bird Bath for this week's great motivating theme. I am hoping that Sheeps Clothing (knitting goddess) can help us out with next week's theme. You can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Round up

I enjoyed last week so I am back with my very little week in review of all that I love in blog-world. All picture credits belong to the owner's blogs.
How cute is this gorgeous little matchbox house from Polka Dot Daze, there is a tutorial at Covered Buttons. I so have to make Poppy one of these when she gets old enough to appreciate it.
This post involving Kirsty and Pip, crafty gal gold I think the pair of them and Kirsty is right - there should be more top job celebrations I think.
The most amazing 1st birthday party at Hey Bubbles - with a ladybug theme, how could you go wrong.
I am also loving the Belle and Boo + Tea Party collaborations. They are having a giveaway of this gorgeous dress, I would wear it.
How cool is the froggie wheat bag, I love him with his little fly tongue. Miss Myrtle and Eunice has the best ideas and always manages to execute. I loved the wooden doll evolution Loobylu has been working on too.

Lexi's thoughtful post on how to keep a record of the special moments in life is one of my favourite for the week and a little inspiration too which is always good.

I am hoping to get out tomorrow and take some pictures for the long ago promised giveaway - slacker I am.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Creative Space

First off thank you for all your mess support last week, I have since cleaned it up and you can actually see carpet. I was tempted to leave it but all the buttons kept sticking to your feet and you would leave a Hansel and Gretel trail every time. Once out of the safe confides of the sewing room they are an open meal to a wandering dog. I still have to sort all my fabric after the market but you can't rush these things.
I have a couple of orders from the market to do and I am sewing a little red hounds tooth fabric dress for Poppy which I think will look super cute, even though I seem to be taking forever to finish it. I have some nice wool fabrics too that are destined to be kids pants.
I have been sewing them new tracksuit pants, but trying to use my stash so it is a case of "tracksuit pants go upmarket" and I have made them each a pair in wool flannel that I had. I really love them, they wash super well and wear super well and because of the wide fabric they actually work out to be cheaper than mainstream tracksuit pants. Caleb was so excited that I actually sewed him something. After he tried it on, he went to take them back off and told me they were for the market, I hope that lasts for a while.
I have also been working on my granny squares at Brown owl's and Perle 8's as well which has made for a very enjoyable week.
More creative spaces at Sensai Kirtsty's (that is right she shall be imparting me with her great knowledge on Sat. for her HAC craft arvo, should be good. I am sure she is hoping that it goes better than trying to teach me crochet.)
Another great thing I finally got around to doing in my crafty space is my blog list too - hooray. I did a link list not a blog list the first time round and it took forever before my computer froze and I lost the whole thing. Thanks to all the crafty and special peeps that makes it so much fun.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eye Spy ... A favourtie childhhod party game

I think that the good old pin the tail on the donkey always has a soft spot in my heart as a favourite, but I am not the only one. I seem to recall one party game where you had to eat a block of chocolate with a knife and fork, that wasn't all bad either. At Caleb's party last year the pinata was a favourite where they have to pull strings instead of whacking it. Mum and Caleb baked some plain car cookies as well and we let the boys all decorate their own and they loved it. It actually kept them amused for quite awhile, and Poppy snuck around the back to where the MM's were stashed and shovelled them into a rainbow coloured mouth as fast as she could.
Thanks to Kirstie for this weeks sweet theme, and I hope her niece has a great party. I am hoping next week Bird Bath will be able to help us out with next week's theme. You can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Wrap-up

I am thinking that on a Saturday, whenever I have the chance I want to do a summary of some of the great stuff that I love in blog-world. All picture credits belong to the owner's blogs.
I found the discussion on markets and why people do them at Thornberry to be really interesting even if I actually found it really hard to answer.
Katy was lucky enough to get her crafty hands on a Yudo machine and I have been so enjoying the experiments. I so want a Gocco so I have found it really interesting to see you she has been finding it.
Michelle's "things to love about winter" has been so good but I think it would be easy to find love in a beautiful Tasmanian countryside.
There seem to be quite a few new arrivals coming as well. I am hoping that Amber and Megan - who both have beautiful life affirming places - are near the end of the sickly first few months of pregnancy and can spend the rest of winter enjoying their growing bumps.
And to finish some favourites that I am sure you have all seen. I am loving Emily's new Oddfellows collection, Ava (shown above) is so amazingly haunting. You have to of found My Milk Toof, it is so sweet it could rot your teeth.
Last but by no means least, the Handmade Help recipe book is out in either PDF or Hardcopy. Great ideas and all the money is going to the Salvation Army to help with the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, where there is still so much work to be done.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Creative Space

This is what happens when children are left alone and quiet while upstairs, this is my poor creative space after Poppy spread every button and scrap of fabric I own all over the floor. I am in my usually after market slump so motivation to spend the day cleaning it up hasn't yet come to me. (I am a day late as it has taken me that long to find my camera under the piles of crap on my desk if that is an indication of the state of my house at tthe moment)
I do love doing the markets, but when I decided to start doing them last year to now, a lot of our life has changed. Glen has gone back to work full-time, I am now Poppy's prime carer, in school holidays I am in charge of amusing both and trying to get work done, there have been reduced hours in my 'real' job so less money - nothing bad but stuff that has made the time and dedication needed a little stretched over the last few months. Now I feel like the caged bird let free. I am busting at the seams to get started on stuff that doesn't need a time constraint, things I can take the time to try just because I want to. In our house we call 'specials' anything we don't want anyone to get their hands on - that is what I want to create, some specials for the kids and Glen and for something even more novel , maybe even me. I want to have time to blog and comment like I use to because I really enjoy it. I want to try and go back to all the lovely people that commented, especially on the Poppy posts and say my deepest thank-you as part of us is still haunted. I am also looking forward to enjoying Brown Owls and Perle 8 evenings. Having said that I am thinking of designs for the market at the end of November but looking forward to taking it easy. So I guess after that ramble, my creative space, under that mess, is full of anticipation.
Check out Kirsty's House o' School holiday fun for more creative spaces.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Eye Spy ... Something I Love about my Suburb

These pictures are at the local duck pond this morning, don't you just love Poppy's new smock from Sophie. She loves it and has been collecting goodies in her front pocket all day.
I so love Ellieboo's theme for the week and one that I knew straight away what I was going to say. Our area in South East Melbourne has such a great number of green spaces, I feel so lucky/ There are half a dozen playgrounds and two duck ponds all in walking distance and easily the best thing about where I live. We also live on the train line and are walking distance to the station. The kids love walking beside the line and watching the trains and people. They also love walking over the overpass that goes right over the freeway, even though it scares the crap out of me (hate heights). I am by nature a gypsy and having lived here for 2.5 years that is almost a record for me in one place, so we must love it.
I am hoping that Kirstie will be able to help us out for next week. Remember to add yourself to Mr Linky if you are playing along. If you want to join in, at any time, feel free to add your name to the list so we can all find you.

Market Madness

I had such a great week-end in Sydney, going to the Mathilda's Market and enjoying my virtual life in 3D. I had a great lunch on Saturday with Sophie, Monique, Amy (she even bought me gorgeous Japan gifts, eek look at that sweet fabric and buttons) and Sophie's sister Melanie (blog-less yet lovely). It is amazing how we managed to fill in quite a few hours with effortless conversation and really good Yum Cha.
The market went well considering I think it is a hard time of year with all the end of year financial sales, etc though I had a fairly constant day. Lexi was so sweet spending the whole day with me, keeping me sane since I do get a little nutty on market day. Lots of tops bloggers came to visit me too, which was so cool. Amanda (Ellie is just the cutest little button ever), Monique (more cute Ellies'), Cass, Bianca and Lisa just made the day even more fun. I even managed to invite myself around to Sophie's place for afternoon tea and hang out with her gorgeous family. By the time I got on the plane I was exhausted and so glad that I started my blog.
Unfortunately Poppy has been getting her 2 year old molars and all weekend she was pretty miserable and had teething nappies so Glen is owed BIG TIME for looking after the crew for the weekend.
So all in all it was such a great time and made me realise how truly lucky I am.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Off to Market

I leave on Saturday morning to fly up to Sydney for the week-end and can't wait to catch up with friends and spend Sunday at the Mathilda's market. If you are in the area, why not drop in and say hi. It is at Ignatius' College, Riverview in the Main Hall, Tambourine Bay Road, Lane Cove between 9-1. Lets hope the children and Glen manage to not destroy the house while I am away.

These are robot pants and matching reversible vest.

Hope I don't sell these lace cargo pants so I can give Poppy a pair, I think they are so simply sweet.