Friday, April 30, 2010


Hail Storm 019

Car loan has been approved so Glen can actually get to his new job since the trams let us down – HOORAY!

We finally have said car so no more getting up at 5 to take Glen into work – HOORAY!

Job is actually permanent so one of us actually gets holidays for the first time since we have been together – HOORAY!

Mum managed to stay another week while we sorted it and I try to feel more human – HOORAY!

First few days at Prep take two for Caleb and even though they forgot he was coming he seemed to of enjoyed it – HOORAY!

Caleb came home coated in grass stains over his new pants, evidence of lots of school fun to me – HOORAY!

Poppy had her first child care drop off with out any tears. No one even had to pull her off as I left – HOORAY!

Poppy got a new 2 wheeler bike with training wheels after I backed over her favourite trike in the car – HOORAY! She is very excited but still trying to get the hang of the different pedals.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crafting – Cheaper than Therapy

001 Last week was one of those rolling snowballs like you see in cartoons and I was daffy duck at the bottom of the mountain waiting for it to land on my head. While this week is looking up it made me realise how important craft is for me.

Glen has been musing over my new love of embroidery and asking if there isn’t some way that you could sew it on the machine as it is taking so long, but that is ok with me. That is the process as it slowly fills out and takes shape. From someone that usually is all about the end result it is a big learning curve.

In the midst of snow obliteration there was a welcome Perle 8 interlude, time to chat and stitch away to the quite hum of Mary’s spinning.

Even taking some time to cruise blogworld (and apparently not commenting, but I know you will cut me some slack) and being immersed in others creativity.

Crafting has become a little secret, well not so secret as my Nana had it sussed years ago, that I have been lucky enough to find - So thanks for being part of it.

The photo is probably looking the same as last week’s creative space since I filled in all her hair and face and wasn’t happy so unpicked it all last night – deep breath and enjoy the process.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Creative Space

Not much at all as it feels like i have been zapped of any energy, Glen’s new work trousers needed shortening, a bit of embroidery and not much else.

creative space 001On the cards for this week, new school has  non-compulsory uniform so Caleb voted for his own clothes so the pant-athon is about to whip into full swing. There are plans for some Oliver + S ones, but longer length and some simple elastic waist ones. I was contemplating a pile of shirts too, but just not enough hours in the day.creative space 002

More creative goodies over at Kirtsy’s


Thankfully feeling like myself again this week but am now running around trying to catch up and would you believe I now have some other horrid illness and slept for 15 hours last night!  Glen has started his new job, it’s just a temporary role until his new position kicks in around June. He may as well put his morning cheeriness to good use as it is not appreciated here.

We have decided to change Caleb’s school too, which feels like a really big deal even though it probably isn’t. The new one is smaller with more space and will be a much better fit. He starts next week and is really excited – fingers crossed.

pin cushion 022pin cushion 024 So life is feeling a little off balance at the mo, only temporary I hope. The postman was kind to me and yippee – pin cushion love! Sally sent me the sweetest little pin home and look at those gorgeous heart pins. Every time I use it I will be reminded not only of my friendship with Sally but all the great and supportive friends of blog land, including the fabulous Kate for organising. And there was chocolate – ones with animals – Caleb was very excited and Roses ones for me, I informed the littles that the filling was medicine and have been able to enjoy them in peace.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Creative Space

creative space 1604 005Now everyone put on your surprised faces – it is MORE embroidery! Who would of guessed. One more finished once a little grass is added. There is an unhealthy love of the couch craft at the moment, thank you for everyone’s well wishes too. Any good embroidery book suggestions? Mother’s day is looming and nothing better for Glen’s computer lesson than some internet purchasing surely?!

creative space 1604 009A shirt for Glen in progress for the job interview this week – all his – umm – shrunk in the wash. Hate it when that happens. Thankfully he didn’t need it and although the Japanese instruction caused a small degree of grief, am really happy with it so far. He wanted all white, surprisingly that is an incredibly hard brief for me and am still convincing him on the merits of wooden buttons at least – give me something.

More punctual creative goodies at Kirsty’s   as always because she is good like that.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Little Ray of Sunshine

pincuchion 002Thankfully there is some around here. So after the first doctors diagnosis of ‘mouth ulcers’ in my mouth and throat that have arrived for no reason and have no cure, just put up with the pain for 3 weeks. (TMI yet?). Over the weekend the pain was incredible with shooting pain from my ear to throat, that no amount of pain killers could dull, aching bones and exhaustion, unable to eat for 4 days, most of Sunday I couldn’t even get out of bed. Monday Glen suggested a second opinion and a referral so back to my regular doctor. He actually felt my glands and looked in my throat with the depressor and suggested tonsillitis, which I had mentioned to the first doctor so after 2 days on antibiotics, I am feeling somewhat human even though still shabby at least the severe pain has gone, and thankfully for the first doctor and his general health I didn’t sit in pain for another 2 weeks to find out that it was a couple of days of mediation.

More good rays, looks like Glen might have a great new job – so excited. He just has to spend the next few weeks at the Bug and Pop computer appreciation course, since he completely avoids them at all costs.

pincuchion 001pincuchion 004The last ray is for the foxy pincushion goodness, It can finally make it to the post office today after being finished a couple of weeks ago. Who doesn’t need a little ray of sunshine in their lives, my swap partner here’s hoping?  

Monday, April 12, 2010

Blick – I’m Sick

Not the good sort either where you can sit in bed and stitch on the pretext of illness. It is the in pain 24 hours a day, intermixed with nausea and exhaustion. Sounds like fun – no?! Hope to be around a little soon.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Creative Space

Creative Space 005Finished up balloon girl and started on the cherry tree swing. Loving it a little too much I think. Glen sparked up that he thought there should be more on the quilt so have re-designed   it for the 100th time and now going to have 8 embroidery panels – fingers crossed it works!

Creative Space 006Another Oliver + S sailboat shirt finished up but apparently this one is too stripy (choosing to ignore that), the fit of the Size 7 is much better though.

More creative goodness at Kirsty’s place because she is good like that.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Inconsiderate Growing Children

008This is the same Oliver + S pattern  as the pants. It has been cut out since summer so the original robot short sleeves were replaced with linen long ones. It took a only one long night in preparation to pick up Nana at the airport. My excitement to get it on him was short lives, firstly the robots were for toys not clothes (diva much) and to top it off was too small. Take 2 in size 7 instead of 5 to come because a little looses isn’t too bad in tops - is it? This one has thankfully found  new home with this lovely red head instead!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Creative Space – School holiday style

New projects are a little few and far between, with school holidays and embroidery.

Crafty Rvo 006 Here is the Pops in her creative action, a little excited that she can do some gluing and glittery productions.001 An innocent question to Caleb, do you want to write a little book since he has been working on his reading. The hopes of a story are on hold but he has started an  animal one instead and at 50 odd pages and counting it will be an encyclopaedia by the time the holidays are over. If you have a child at the verge of reading I cannot recommend ABC Reading Eggs enough, it has done amazing things for Caleb who is now reading books on his own!

So grab some popcorn and check out the creative goodness with Kirsty.