Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On With the Show – This is it

Circus 002 Let me share with you some mum lessons from last week. At the school there was a circus performance involving all the kids. I had concerns – I did – but don’t want to tell of him of defeat before he has even made it to the battle lines.

I also had concerns about the group swimming lessons through the school and he has handled them like a pro so I didn’t want to sound like a nagging mum at the teacher about how I don’t think he can do things – I want to be the cheer leader on the sidelines.

I should of asked lots more questions about the organisation and never of taken Poppy for a 2 hour performance that finished 1 1/2 past her bedtime. Super proud – he did his routine a la hula hoop like a pro, but they didn’t sit back with the parents and stayed in their class groups, seated at the front so you couldn’t see them, especially when you are up the back trying to convince the un-impressed 3 year old of the exciting merits of yet another poi performance.

Let just say the finale was not only the kids that did a great job, but also the mumma who had to go on stage pick up child having meltdown with other child on hip screaming who had hurt him as she was gong to get them. What the teacher thought was stage fright was complete sensory overload (Asperger’s kids are quite sensitive) and over 2 hours of dance music and lights was too much. By the time we got to the car he couldn’t even open the door and put on his seat belt and was shaking and sobbing.

So ask more questions if you are concerned. Don’t feel like you are being a pain because the teacher doesn’t mind. And make sure the video gets your best side as you make your impromptu entrance, look forward to getting a copy of that DVD. I should of known better.

Once I got him off stage I reassured him how amazingly proud I was of him – and I really was. He did a great job and when I spoke to him the next day, when he had a little bit of time, he told me that he really enjoyed doing his performance for everyone. I am glad he got to have that moment, next time I will just organise to have him sit back with me so we can leave when he is ready – live and learn.


JoeyNomad said...

the poor poppet. i hope he is proud of himself for doing so well and performing like a pro!

Mary said...

Big hugs for everybody.

Andi said...

I agree with the first comment ... hope he can focus on all the positives!!!
And you sound like you could do with a hot cup of kid-free tea .... or a jug of chardonnay!

Sally said...

Bravo to Caleb for performing his hula hoop routine so well. Hula hooping isn't so easy - so to undertake a rountine in front of a huge crowd is a pretty awesome achievement.
Bravo to Cindy too... for walking away from the night in one piece and not having a meltdown herself (As far as I know I don't have asperger's but I reackon a two hour circus performance would have been sensory overload for me too!) and more importantly chalking up some great lessons about the importance of listening to and valuing her inner voice.

Now go take Andi's advice and put your feet-up for some "me" time - and do your best to stop reliving the event in your mind... dare I suggest "moving forward" ;)

sophie said...

Sweet Caleb! School concerts are so hard for all kids I reckon, he copped a double whammy! I hope it gets easier for him as he gets older - he is such a great kid!

Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Cindy Pop, what a beautiful and honest post. I'm so glad you were there for Caleb (imagine if you weren't able to be there for him). I can't even spin a hula hoop on my hips, so I applaud Caleb for his sick wicked hula hooping. Thinking of you, xxx

teddybearswednesday said...

Poor Caleb, poor Mumma.
Glad he's feeling a bit better about it with a bit of time.
he's a champ and so are you. xo

Bek said...

Sounds like an evening of highs and lows! So lovely that Caleb performed so well and you were there for him when he needed you.