Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy 10

One of my favourite internet ladies – Sophie – has tagged me in a happy 10 things meme.

1. Of course the family, but especially when you get the glimpses of the friends that Caleb and Poppy are becoming. These usually come in between bickering but those moments are gold.

2. Sewing, goes without saying, but when we head out and each of has a little mama-made I really love that, especially if someone takes the time to give them a compliment.

3. Swimming – the laps have been non-existent for a while now, but the swoosh in the ears. (To clarify, Ian Thorpe is not worried, I just do breathstroke in the ‘nana lane’)

4. Hanging out with my crafty friends, in computer land or at Perle’s or any other excuse really. I feel really lucky to of found a great group of people that I normally would of never found. I hate that at the mo’ there isn’t enought time to blog and comment as I would like.

5. Music – When I first got my new car I forgot to turn off the headlights, battery went dead, no stereo for ages. Once the music returned I have trawled through all my old CD’s and enjoying sharing it with the kids (I haven’t had to listen to a children’s CD in months – yipee! unless you count Jack Johnson Curious George). The current favourite is Spearhead, the kids love it. We have been making an effort to turn off the teev and listen to some tunes instead. I have to figure out how to download some tunes (so techy I am)

6. Colour – always, can’t stand being dressed in all black.

7. A cup of tea, some stitching and alone time. Half an hour on the mornings of Poppy’s child care and I feel re-newed, especially if there is a Baker’s Delight scone too or a lamington.

8. Sweet – tooth – no explanation

9. Seasons – I love being cold in winter and hot in summer. One of the reasons I love Melbourne so much.

10. Community – We have been in our house over 4 years (not bad for a renting) and the longest I have ever lived in one place. Familiarity is nice for a change, the local people and places, even though it isn’t ours it is home.

I know there had been quite a few tagged – so if you haven’t had a go – you so should, it is nice to have an excuse to think about what makes you happy and grateful everyday. Thanks Soph x


One Flew Over said...

Have to catch up soon Cin x

Stomper Girl said...

I love the community thing too, and we are renters like you so it always feels like something you can't take for granted.

Learn how to download! It's so easy. My ipod is definitely one of my favourite things and the kids really love listening to music in the car or round the house. One of my fave things is hearing them sing along together in the back of the car, makes me happy to the core of my being.

Kate said...

I was a bit confused when I read your title just now as I was sure you didn't have a 10 year old. I am going to be using that title in November which is a bit insane.
Loved reading your top 10 and learning a bit more about you. Hope you are having a great Sunday.

sophie said...

Thanks for playing along! You have a great list! I am so in love with Bakers Delight date scones! SO GOOD!!

Sally said...

You're such a beautiful person.

It was so nice to read a little bit more about you ;)

Anonymous said...

I know I am late to comment - but I adore Michael Franti & Spearhead! Have seen them a few times here in Melbourne! Just another spooky connection between us! Shivi1 (Aka - Siobhan)