Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Round up

I enjoyed last week so I am back with my very little week in review of all that I love in blog-world. All picture credits belong to the owner's blogs.
How cute is this gorgeous little matchbox house from Polka Dot Daze, there is a tutorial at Covered Buttons. I so have to make Poppy one of these when she gets old enough to appreciate it.
This post involving Kirsty and Pip, crafty gal gold I think the pair of them and Kirsty is right - there should be more top job celebrations I think.
The most amazing 1st birthday party at Hey Bubbles - with a ladybug theme, how could you go wrong.
I am also loving the Belle and Boo + Tea Party collaborations. They are having a giveaway of this gorgeous dress, I would wear it.
How cool is the froggie wheat bag, I love him with his little fly tongue. Miss Myrtle and Eunice has the best ideas and always manages to execute. I loved the wooden doll evolution Loobylu has been working on too.

Lexi's thoughtful post on how to keep a record of the special moments in life is one of my favourite for the week and a little inspiration too which is always good.

I am hoping to get out tomorrow and take some pictures for the long ago promised giveaway - slacker I am.


Jessi said...

good round up! :)

We obviously follow the same blogs. I hope one of us wins the belle and boo tea pony dress! I would be OH SO HAPPY!!! :)

Tania said...

Oh, glad you like him too! The birthday-ing kid has given his blessing for Hot Frog to be turned into an amphibian tutorial if you're interested. Just need a week or so to get my act together...

Now as for that Belle and Boo tea dress...

Monica @ bpab said...

What a great post! Thanks for sharing these awesome things. So much good stuff out there.... the mind is going to explode!!

sophie said...

Some beautiful inspiration, thanks Cindy.

Lexi @ PottyMouthMama said...

Thanks for the linky mclovin' Cindy! Glad you've been having an ace week. x

Kirsty said...

Thanks Cind.

I loved Tania's cute!

Susan the shoppe owner said...

Hi! I just found you via the Tea Pony blog. I also stopped by your shop on Etsy, too! I love that mermaid dress and bloomers set! Soooooo cute!

Good luck in the giveaway! I'm going to favorite that outfit straightaway!


Christina Lowry said...

Great round up of bloggy goodness! I know, I know, that frog is super cute! And I am already looking for a jar to put scraps of paper in when Cohen starts talking. :)

Anna said...

Hi Cindy!

Thanks for linking to me on your blog! And thanks for your comments about Matilda's party, we had fun :) (It's taken me until now to recover and slowly catch up on my blog reading).

I love love love that bunny fabric you got from Amitie, might have to head over and check there website.

Thanks, Anna.