Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Joy - Brought to you by Caleb

Pip's Words and Pictures for this week is Joy, she is also hosting a week of Special Stuff so I think I will file it away there too. On Sunday I said to Caleb take photos of anything that makes you feel happy because I love it when I can palm off a bit of homework. Drum roll please - presenting Caleb's Ode to Joy.
Making cookies (good fun to cook and eat)
A blurry Mum photo (I am sure Dad would of made it but he was working. I doubt Poppy would of made it, but she was sleeping so best not give the option)
His new Wobbally game,140 wobblying ball tower and you poke the balls with a stick until it falls down (clearly invented by a person who has sat next to an obnoxious child on public transport and wishes to payback every parent on earth with this messy game - If you are out there - it is working, I hope you are happy)
Books, cars, scooter and dog
Stick find
Shoes, because you can't run around or go outside without them - fair enough I guess
Our paint brushes as we have been doing some painting with water

What makes me think that life should be that simple and those great things should be enough make me happy too. Glad I had such a smartie to point it out to me.


AnastasiaC said...

this is so cool...simple pleasures in life - clever boy!! my boys love taking photos too - thats the great thing about digital cameras...you just click away!

Pip Lincolne said...

Dear Caleb,
I like your pictures a lot. What fun things you have been doing. You are a great photographer, mate. What a shame there are no penguins at your house. Perhaps Mummy could get you one? Thanks for showing us your photos! Bye Bye!
x Pip

Tania said...

Got to love a child's eye view on the world. I gave my kidlets (at my peril!) a real camera at Christmas. So far the cameras have survived and their pics have opened up my own eyeballs to a world at knee level

Aussie-waffler said...

Shoes and cookies, he's a man after my own heart. What a nice idea, I shall have to see what Le Artise can come up with.

sophie said...

whenever lu takes photos they are always really abstract - these pics are great, I love them Caleb.

Megan.K. said...

oh Joy! Love these pix! I think handing over the camera to kids is such a great thing to do. yay to Caleb (my favourite is the stick).


Lauren said...

That's lovely! Maybe a budding photographer?? I did giggle when you said poppy didn't make the list :-)

Home Girl said...

this is sooo cute! looks like the photographer realy thought about the brief and has a pritty good eye for the goodlife. i am wanting to give winter the same assignment following caileb's sucess but our cammera is a bit too big and precious, the little one needs replacing - on that long to do list. btw am totally up for reevigorating our catch-up, will shoot u an email xx