Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eye Spy ... A favourtie childhhod party game

I think that the good old pin the tail on the donkey always has a soft spot in my heart as a favourite, but I am not the only one. I seem to recall one party game where you had to eat a block of chocolate with a knife and fork, that wasn't all bad either. At Caleb's party last year the pinata was a favourite where they have to pull strings instead of whacking it. Mum and Caleb baked some plain car cookies as well and we let the boys all decorate their own and they loved it. It actually kept them amused for quite awhile, and Poppy snuck around the back to where the MM's were stashed and shovelled them into a rainbow coloured mouth as fast as she could.
Thanks to Kirstie for this weeks sweet theme, and I hope her niece has a great party. I am hoping next week Bird Bath will be able to help us out with next week's theme. You can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you.


Christina Lowry said...

Ooooh, pinatias and cookies! Sounds awesome!

I laughed when I read about Poppy shovelling the M&M's in. I always ended up with a sore tummy after parties!

Great minds think alike on the pin-the-tail front. It was the first thing I thought of. I have already been thinking about Cohens first birthday and it isn't until December! :)

Miss Muggins said...

I love party games. As a kinder teacher I love planning my kids birthdays. Give me a theme and I can come up with 101 games. Also baby showers for that matter! I have blogged about my own personal fave.

Jennifer Rose said...

I loved playing pin the tail on the donkey when I was younger, of course we were bad and tried to pin the tail on people :p

the whole point of a piñata is to hit it! kind of takes the fun out of it lol

Tania said...

Hmn. Very much liking the notion of a non-whack pinata. The whack variety always seems such likely fodder for unparty-like trips to the emergency room and undignified appearances on Funniest Home Videos!

Bek said...

Sounds like it was a great party. Has given me some good ideas for my Caleb's up and coming 5th bday party.

And I'm sure Jemima will do a Poppy and eat all the m and ms.

Stacey said...

Childhood parties - weren't they wonderful?
I wonder if our kids will look back the same way as we do. They seem to go to so many these days, but perhaps that's just parental perspective.

Bird Bath said...

Oh kid's parties are a blast...especially when the parents are brave enough to stage it at home!
Love the idea of decorating cookies.

I've come up with next week's theme thanks for asking :)

beccasauras said...

I'm finally joining in, as soon as I read it my post came to me!

Mmm, parties. I loved that chocolate game too!

Monica @ bpab said...

great party fun!
We still play the chocolate game... usually at baby showers come to think! Wonder why?? Must be all that chocolate!

Smarties seem to feature at all our parties. Now I feel like chocolate!

Home Girl said...

eating the chocolate bar with a knife & fork what a great memory thanks for bringing that one back!

AnastasiaC said...

oh the pinatia is always fun but i get so scared someone is going to get whaked in the head!! ha...a home funny video moment!
cute pics!

Princess kirstie jane said...

Yeah the chocolate game! I have finally posted on my own topic :) just as well I write my own rules on this blogging thing. I agree with Bird Bath hurrah for home parties.