Monday, July 6, 2009

Eye Spy ... Something I Love about my Suburb

These pictures are at the local duck pond this morning, don't you just love Poppy's new smock from Sophie. She loves it and has been collecting goodies in her front pocket all day.
I so love Ellieboo's theme for the week and one that I knew straight away what I was going to say. Our area in South East Melbourne has such a great number of green spaces, I feel so lucky/ There are half a dozen playgrounds and two duck ponds all in walking distance and easily the best thing about where I live. We also live on the train line and are walking distance to the station. The kids love walking beside the line and watching the trains and people. They also love walking over the overpass that goes right over the freeway, even though it scares the crap out of me (hate heights). I am by nature a gypsy and having lived here for 2.5 years that is almost a record for me in one place, so we must love it.
I am hoping that Kirstie will be able to help us out for next week. Remember to add yourself to Mr Linky if you are playing along. If you want to join in, at any time, feel free to add your name to the list so we can all find you.


Jessi said...

looks very familiar to me... hmmmm... can't quite put my finger on it but i have been to that duck pond before

Michelle said...

Looks like a beautiful park - we have ducks at the nearby river which we love to feed. It's always a good standby when stuck for something to do.

It would be so great to have two parks within walking distance though, you lucky duck!

flossy-p said...

What a great topic!! I missed it this week. Damn. I would have liked this one :)

Your green spaces look like good fun! :D

Stacey said...

I do love a duck pond!

I love living near the train line. When my boys were little they would love just going out to watch the trains.

Princess kirstie jane said...

I also love the duck and the trains and our side of town. Hooray. I have come up with a theme for this coming week Thanks for asking me.

Jade said...

what a great smock!
and no wonder you love your suburb - that park is great :)

Georgie Love said...

Such beautiful, happy photos! yay!