Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eye Spy ... My Front Door

Eek, when did it become Wednesday, when did it become October. Karin picked such a great theme I am annoyed it has taken me this long to get around to it. I have been working hard on some market stuff before Mum leaves on Monday and Poppy goes into Nana withdrawals. Anyway here is our front door, we rent so it isn't really ours is it I guess.
Glen's beloved plants by the front door are his last green thumb left after the kids. He use to love doing his bonsai but since the kids finding the time and a place high enough to not have assistance means that he only had one left. He loves a garden centre like I love a fabric shop though.
Our collection of painted tile fairy and cats greet you at the front door. The carved hands are one of my favourite possessions that we got at a little shop in Hawthorne ages ago.
My DIY paintings with masking tape to brighten the entrance next to the coat rack of furry jackets.

The screen door is apparently great for climbing according to the smaller residents. Caleb one day got his head caught in it. I had to olive oil up his little head to try and squeeze it back in again - quite funny in hindsight.

Since I am so late I thought I might pick next week's theme. "Eye spy ... a favourite corner in my house". Can't wait to see and as always you can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you and it doesn't matter what day of the week that you do it.


Jennifer Rose said...

lol sorry :) got a laugh oyut of the image of Caleb covered in oil. not funny to happen but it is something you can laugh about later :)

ooh great theme choice *goes to clean up corner* ;p

Mookah said...

Love the wall art inside the front door.

Karin said...

*grin* I immediately see a picture before me of a little, very greasy, head. Poor little guy.

Love that screen door by the way.

Cathy (tinniegirl) said...

Love the masking tape paintings. Very clever.