Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eye Spy .. Bed

I am not sure that Miss Muggins had this in mind for her theme but the kids clambered into our bed this morning - that is pretty rare at our house as they are usually too busy running around. We all got a gorgeous snuggle until Caleb rolled over and started laughing. "Mum, did you know that your belly is just like jelly". Hmm yes thanks for that! Kids I tell you, they never leave the house the same as they left it. The much sweeter Jelly's above from here, ironically they are called Jelly Bellys.
I am hoping that the adorable Bek can help us out with next weeks theme. Can't wait to see and as always you can join in anytime, just add your link after you have posted below so we can all find you and it doesn't matter what day of the week that you do it.
On a much cuter topic, here are our guinea pig babies 2 weeks old with Mama.


Tania said...

Well, the bikini days are well and truly over for this jelly bellied person too!

Sally said...

I'm on a mission to bring back into style the women featured by the master of taste - Renoir ... jelly bellied, blindingly white and lumpy!!!
Look out for me in my bikini on the cover of Vogue ;)

Bek said...

My Caleb was explaining to someone, "see the bump on mummy's tummy, that's me when I was in there."

Very happy to choose next week's theme. I'll get my brain on it.

Cathie said...

ohhh, love that jelly belly...but you know it's all so very worth it for the beautiful cuddles we get in return..awwww.

Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Drat those little comments from the littlies!!

Those guinea pigs are so damn cute. Maybe we need a little friend for our bunbun.

Anastasia said...

ohhh must be a lumpy bumpy bed hahee hope you're well! darling children - love the jelly belly...we all have them!