Thursday, October 9, 2008

Taggin Life

Ethel Loves Fred also gave me some taggin' love last week, with an interesting one. List 5 Things that could of Changed your Life.

1. If we didn't have Caleb, who would make Poppy's ears dance (Refer to picture)
2. If Caleb didn't have Asperger's autism I still would not know what a Tapir is, and that could send me to game show glory one day.
3. If I had stayed married the first time, I would of been comfy but not true to myself.
4. If I had not listened to the lovely Meet me at Mikes, I would of NEVER started a blog and missed out on all the fun, thank goodness for that one.
5. If I had never tasted chocolate, I bet I would drink more.

So since I have linked my taggee, I get to be the tagger to five more.
Drewzel (love the new header)
Che and Fidel (So loving all your gratitude goodness)
One Red Robin (If you have time that is)


Ellieboo said...

good list - I love number one - too cute.

potty mouth mama said...

I'll play along, for sure. You know I love tags!

Paula Mills said...

hi cindy - thanks for lovely comment on my blog. I have just had a quick look through your blog and i now feel like i know so much about you!! Hope you are well, have you been back to brown owls? Maybe we should start our own one, for all the people who can't get into brown owls...

mellimoomoo said...

oh I had better get my butt into gear... I'm still stuck on 6 quirky/boring things !!
Thanks Cindy!

BigCat said...

I think many of us have Meet Me at Mikes to thank for an introduction to the wonders of blogging.