Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On My Desk - The Postman Rings Twice

Today's Desk is an ode to the postman/woman.
First came the parcel queen with my delightful Black Apple package, I actually squealed when I realised Sam was here. I also got myself the pencil case too.

Then our postie bought me more Japanese goodies. I so love the purple, I only got a fattie the first time but this is a whole gorgeous yard - Woo Hoo. The boy rock fabric even has a bit of bling too, and one of the coolest selvedges I have seen (Go Miss Ric Rac). I don't mind paying 5 cents extra for my stamps, I hope these fabulous people got a pay rise out of it!!

I also have some plain white that I picked up from Spottie, but that is part of a Sammy Secret Squirrel in another ode to the postie with this Mama. More on that soon.

Also is the list of kindergartens in our area (actually I forgot to squeeze it in the photo). I love being a Mum but I hate making decisions on my kids behalf. Caleb is 4 in the middle of December and suddenly his child care are wanting to know when he is off to school, and recommended taking him to Kinder (thanks for the notice)
Now should we keep him back a year and start him at 5 or 6?
Can we even find a Kinder to get him in regardless?
Will he cope academically and socially?
Why can't you actually talk to someone when you ring up the Kinders, I am now stuck waiting for people to ring me back?!
You get the moral quandary - Hate it!

More desky and love heart action at the lovely Kootooyo.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Love the stuff on your desk. That's the best selvedge I've ever seen!

But arrggghhh .... kindergarten places. Best of luck!! On the upside, (if you can get to speak to someone!) they are very helpful with information about when to start your kiddie at primary school.

Shellbells said...

I am keeping my bubba back till he is 5 and 1/2 then he has more maturity and a little more time with mum before someone else disciplines him most of the day....dont want to let go!!! lol but I figure I only really truely get 5 years to teach him the basics my way before there are outside influences. Goodluck with your decision. Am a bit jealous of the lovely fabric but am going op shopping all day today....cant wait

CurlyPops said...

Such beautiful things on your desk today...
It's such a hard decision about kinder and school. Good luck with the call backs.

CC said...

Oooohh, I love the fabric. Happy Blogtoberfest..

Anonymous said...

love what is on your desk today, and I've been there with the whole kinder thing too. my kids have birthdays in jan, feb & march, and based on the first child, a boy born in feb, we have gone down the delayed start route. he's currently 5 1/2 and starting prep next year. the school says most kids are older now, and especially boys. then i've decided to maintain the gap between the kids so the girls will also turn 6 at the start of their prep year.

have a look around at some of the catholic primary schools (and some govt schools) as well as private schools that offer a pre-prep program. this may offer more stimulation and contact hours if your son has previously been in care.

good luck with it all. I understand what you are saying about choices, and it's all too easy to just go with the flow - when you really want to make the best decision for your child.

Kirsty said...

Dear Molly is full of good advice. I'd be starting him older too.

potty mouth mama said...

I have a guilty confession. I've been reading bugandpop in my reader, so then I forget to comment - but think I have!!

So here I am, making up for my naughtiness.

Kindy places - gee can't believe they gave you so little notice!!

We're keeping small fry back, just like Shellsbells, til he's 5.5. I so agree with you, it's so hard fumbling through - but like this woman at small fry's new pre-school (where he starts next year) said to me, if it's not right, you can always pull them out and wait for the next year. And just keep ringing them. Don't give up!

Lauren said...

Were about to go down the road of kinders! Hope they call back :-)

ps - I love Sam!

Maureen said...

Nice little boy you have there...and to think the postman delivered him, not you!

With boys in particular, it usually seems best to go with later rather than earlier for proper school. Go with your heart.