Sunday, October 5, 2008

This is ... My Favourite Kitchen Item

Well not really Gordon Ramsay, but my husband, who while not a chef of his caliber they do have some similarities. He is a chef, he is a control freak and can be known to share his enthusiastic beliefs (read swearing) with the world. I could of tried to convince you of my culinary brilliance, but when I cook I seem to splash every work surface with something and I get a running commentary from Glen as to why my heat is on that high, is that the size I am cutting the veges, you get the idea. I do though like to bake when I get the chance and I can recommend the little baby cupcake tins, fantastic for kids, especially birthdays.
Our lovely babysitter, Auntie
Handmaiden, chose our kitcheny this is for the week. More of us here.

I hope you are all in comfy seats today as it is a long one! The last of our stashy week from the craft brainchild of Pip, I had to make it an ode to the Japanese. All they need is a bit of fabric, some cute charactatures and I am in love. This is my favourite skull fabric ever from Kokka (I am not a huge fan of skills but I like this one), these gorgeous little hedgies that the fabulous One Red Robin turned into a prized peg bear and 2 super cute animal prints that are my faves!

And just to finish off, my latest custom orders. I think the reversible cape with removable felt button looks so cute with the Russian Doll dress. It has "My Darling" in Russian embroidered on the pocket.

These pirate pants are my favourites for boys this summer. You can't really tell from the photo, but they are 3/4 length and this pumpkin cord is my favourite tone too! (Note the beautiful pointed foot of my model, I really am going to have to start paying her in more than milk soon)

My Ramsay photo came from here


CurlyPops said...

I wish I had my very own Gordon to cook me dinner!
Love the custom order, the little cape is so sweet...and I can't go past a pair of cord pants!

Cass said...

Yes I'd like Gordon as my accessory. Just came over from Ric-Rac so I've found a new blog

muralimanohar said...

*snork* I am positive Gordon and my dh would get along like best mates. I usually do my best to ban the guy from my kitchen when I cook..nobody should have to work in that kind of atmosphere! :lol:

Two Peas In a Pod said...

I love watching gordon on tv. He makes a mean supper :)
Look at all that pretty fabric, it has been nice checking out all the fabric out there from around the world.
Those pants are super cute as well.
Cheers Kyla

Nathalie Brault said...

What a good loocking chef you have for yourslef. I wish I had one for myself also. I don't always fell like cooking but my husband doesn't cook, ah well. Enjoy. And those cute little orange pants are a dream, they're so cute. Nice job.

Sophie said...

The summer pants are just beautiful, I rally love the ties at the side, makes them very special.

rebekka said...

The pirate pants are ADORABLE!!!