Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Some more boy capes with a bulldozer and a cement mixer (I have to say that since hubby couldn't tell what they were). I am working on girl designs at the moment so I am hoping to get them up and organised soon. You may notice my model is a bit big here, but my usual ones were no strike again. He is a good man! At least the little men who are now superheros are excited with them.


CurlyPops said...

The kids will pick them straight away...hubby doesn't watch enough kiddie tv to pick the shapes!
They look very cool.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Well, I can vouch for the fact that J & F absolutely LOVE them! Thank you SO much!

You're very clever with your designs. Can't wait to see the little girl versions.

muralimanohar said...

PMG..is that your DH in them?? My dh would SHOOT me before letting me do that! rofl

And I can see the shapes immediately...your dh might have some sort of impediment when it comes to seeing them, lol.

Sophie said...

The capes are so great, you are really clever!!

potty mouth mama said...

Wow I am impressed. Does putting them on your husband mean he has super powers? If so, I may need to get one for Matt. Then we might see some cleaning up action around here (other than mine of course). He might put the garbage and compost out without being asked 60 times.

bugandpop capes for big boys. That's your tag line. I am sure they'll be flying out the door.

On a different, non-husband note, these are FAB! And I can definitely make out the designs without being told. Go you, you're on a roll baby, there's no stopping you!

Mama de Saga said...

The capes are so much fun. They are going to be well loved!
You have to show us the girl versions.

THE ESSESS said...

They turned out great, and I knew what they were straight away! I especially like the cement mixer! Pity I only have dogs, they are not too keen on dressups!