Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where is a good Squirrel Monkey when you need one?

It is thursday already, time for another Asperger's Autism positive insight.

Caleb loves animals, he has carried around an encyclopedia of animals since he was about 2. We went to the zoo, he loves to take photos (the meerkats is one of his.)
At the moment the monkeys are the favourites, so the deal is that he decides where we go. "To the squirrel monkeys" he shouted. Off to see all the monkeys we went, gorillas, orangutans (they are super cute), mandrills (the ones with the funny red bums) and off to the monkey walk area where all the smaller ones are. As we walked there was the constant echo "Where are the squirrel monkeys Mum". I knew my chances of find one were growing slim as we walked. "Look" I said "there is one." He rolls his eyes, "mum that is a colubus monkey". "Oh" I said, trying to save some level of dignity. "That's one", I tried again. "Mum that is a spider monkey". "Isn't that close enough.", I inquired. More eye rolling but it was enough to keep him happy. Eight year olds were passing "look there is a monkey" while my 3 year old contemplated where those squirrel monkeys were hiding. He still asks to see them, so for those of you wondering, here are some above. Sorry I had to put them seperately since I can't figure out how to use flickr and my own photos at the same time.

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hokey said...

Hey Cindy,
That is so sweet! I actually went to the zoo last thursday with my 4yo cousin who is slightly autistic too. She was visiting from Hobart for some sleep study.

I really look forward to Thursday to hear more about your son

Hollie xx