Friday, August 8, 2008

My Russian Darling

As you can see my little model is back in commission, though still not overly excited about it, she is also having a wild hair day. I have used some simple red ticking for the body of the dress with little matryoshka doll heart detail at top and front pocket. I embroidered what I hope in Russian translates to My Darling (I don't speak the language, perhaps I should learn.) to the pocket as well.

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CurlyPops said...

Hi Cindy, blogger wouldn't let me repy to your email so I'm leaving a comment instead. I go to the Hoppers Crossing Spotlight. They have lots of overflowing remnant bins, lots of bolts on specials tables and shopping trolleys (you need coins to get one). The downside to the trolley is that you can be there for a looooonnnnng time and you can fit loooooottttsss of bolts of fabric in a trolley!
Spotlight at DFO Essendon also has trolleys.