Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Evil Dress

As you can see today's outfit is not quite finished, it has been evil from start to finish. You know the projects where a little bit of something continuously goes wrong - you run out of bobbin, put the pieces together not quite right, and so on and SO ON. I am hoping to finish it tonight and despite my love/hate relationship I think it is coming together. I am going to use my new bias maker to finish the edges. I got it here after this weeks This is my Trade secret suggestions from these lovely ladies. I got to tell you it is a gem, but it works best if you iron your strips first before you feed it through. I am hoping to start on the boys stuff next week, so they aren't missing out. You can also catch a glimpse of my furry product controller in the bottom picture.


Michelle said...

Thats a lovely little dress, the sleeves are too cute! Would match the pair of baby shoes I'm making at the moment perfectly! I'll be dropping by again, so see you again soon!!

caitlin said...

Here's another reasonnot to finish it... I've just tagged you with the "Tree of Happiness"
Go to my blog to find out!