Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is ... How I like to spend my week-end

I work all week and my husband works all week-end so it is just me and the kidlets so no rest here. I try to take them out 1 morning, the zoo or aquarium. This is great fun as for a long while we couldn't take Caleb anywhere. The rest of the week-end is divided in between reading Hairy Maclairy 300 times, playing chasie, the park - You get the idea. Then at night I get to sew uninterrupted by work till the early hours. Then some Miami Ink for my Sunday night dinner date and hopefully some sweet dreams of Tim Hendricks to greet me when I finally make it to bed. Aahhh ready for another week.
A hip hip to Three buttons for This is.. and a hooray to The bird bath for the theme and this lovely lady for this image.


zukzuk said...

Hairy Maclarey... So, so, so many times. At least it's kinda rhythmical and fun to read which is more than I can say for "History of Aviation" which is also in favour at present?!

Take it easy, love those pirate pants!

Arthur's Circus said...

Damn I don't have foxtel, but I did see a copy of LA ink at the dvd shop....