Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy thougths

Today's post is full of nothing but happy thoughts, first I was nominated by Pippijoe for the Tree of Happiness award. I was a little excited by this since it is my first nomination in blogville. So I have to list 6 things that made me happy, easy - well not really and I have had to contemplate to limit myself to the 6 best.

1. My husband's cheeky grin when I know that he has done something wrong and can't help but tell me, Caleb giving me a kiss for no reason, Watching my little baby become a little girl (Maybe that was has a tinge of sadness too) and I can't forget the fluffy members of the family.
2. Eggs Benedict with Turkish bread and a great hot chocolate (and marshmallows or does that go without saying.)
3. The postman bringing me treasures.
4. The final stitch of a sewing idea that has been floating around in my head, this is the only way I can make room in there for some more.
5. Sunshine in the middle of winter and sun showers in summer. (It reminds me of my Nana, that's how you know it's a fairy's birthday.)
6. Crawling into bed after a great day knowing I will be woken by another tomorrow.

I must admit I love Hop Skip Jump and she had a great list of 3 things from this week that made you happy. She invited us all to join in, so how could I resist, neither could Kootoyo either I see

1. Caleb in face paint (Trust me this is a huge deal for him). He decided to be a butterfly.
2. Poppy girl taking her first steps - yeah!!
3. My first full week of blogging, with some kind comments and I have even managed to get some designs out. Also the general loveliness of the bloging community have helped with my insecurities, including Bubba & Chicken, Kootoyo and Meet Me at Mikes who have included me on their linky links and Pippi joe for my first nomination.

I am now meant to nominate 6 more people to carry on the 6 happy things, but since I don't really know anyone I think you should all list them. It makes you feel really good and blessed. Let me know if you do. Hope you all enjoy your week-end doing what makes you happy.


Sara said...

So nice to know more about you! And Caleb looks so cute and happy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing along!

That's such a beautiful, happy photo of your little boy. Really enjoying your blog. :)