Monday, March 9, 2009


I have spotted this funny little meme around at Pip's and a few places so I decided to join in. You search "Unfortunately Your Name" in Google and then enjoy the lovely people out there that you share you namesake with. Worth a little giggle on a Monday I think. Perhaps they give you an idea on my personality.
Unfortunately, Cindy has also often been labeled a flirt
Unfortunately, Cindy was an Israeli secret agent, a honey pot' in spy parlance
Unfortunately Cindy can't make the same claims with her polo career
Unfortunately Cindy didn't want to knit these for me so I had to do it myself
Unfortunately, Cindy has been shot
Unfortunately, Cindy's in her own little distorted world
Unfortunately, Cindy was only able to complete half of the mural due to death
Unfortunately, Cindy had some ideas
Unfortunately, Cindy is right. So many times she was right


sophie said...

My favourite is the last one - you can just hear the resignation!

meet me at mikes said...

OH! You must finish the mural, Cindy, you must!!!!

AnastasiaC said...

haha too funny!!

Beth said...

ahahahaha! The last one is brilliant ;-) I did this one too, but I didn't post it on my blog. Most of mine were all about various cancer stories, rape and murder. But much more interesting than the '[name] needs' meme!!

Amber said...

Oh god i have had a good laugh at yours...and then went and typed mine in...well it seems i have a great porn name...hahahahah..i must play

Michelle said...

That's so good - I wondered why you had stopped posting about your polo career.

Poppy and Mei said...

Hehehe, I'm off to waste some time I really don't have...YAY! XXxx

JustJess said...

Excellent! Isn't it great to be right?