Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have been contemplating this word all week.

When Caleb was a baby he made sure that we loved him - he made sure all day and all night. He was a fussy feeder, a terrible sleeper - you get the sleep deprived picture. I went back to work full time after 4 weeks, while I was still at home drafting, Glen was the man, unfortunately no-one asked Caleb who just wanted his Mummy. Not sounding so cosy yet I know. He would only sleep on me, even during the day I would work one armed with him fast asleep. At night he woke every hour for half an hour until he was at least 2 and only wanted his Mum so he ended up sleeping in our bed to save my sanity.
For some reason I don't tell most people, like it is something to be ashamed of,
but even now
to me that is
Knowing my sleeping little angel is at peace, twirling my hair in a sweet dream land.
Now I don't even remember the struggles, just the peace. And I don't even mind that he tested me out. He was making a family he had to be sure, I guess.

I think Pip's word and pictures has been such a fantastic idea.

(I had another picture I have been searching for but I will have to stick with this one)


Little Munchkins said...

That brought tears to my eyes Cindy. That is truly what a mother's love is about.

I am not ashamed to say that my kids on occasion sleep on my bed too. Not both at the same time usually, though it has happened once or twice. That was not good for my back LOL.

trashalou said...

Some nights a shared bed is the only way of getting any sleep. And my two are seven and ten!

Michelle said...

Wonderful story by a wonderful mother.

We still sleep with our little ones sometimes. Despite the lack of sleep, they are often the sweetest moments.

Megan: The Byron Life said...

I shared beds with both my babes - I miss it now actually...

Cindy, your story is beautiful. So strong. And Caleb: so loved.

Monica @ bpab said...

Thanks for this beautiful insite into your life. You're a great mum.
We co-sleep with our 2 and I wouldn't have it any other way. To know they are sleeping soundly, cuddling you or just touching part of you (to make sure you are still there) is precious. And when one is troubled during the night - we are right there to comfort them.

Anonymous said...

It's lovely to share beds with a cuddly babe. For some reason my first was dead set *against* the idea, but we definitely did the sanity-saving thing with my daughter, and I miss her presence now. I wonder where #3 will want to sleep.

JustJess said...

Lovely post Cindy. Now that you know more abput Caleb it also makes lots of sense about the sleeping with you too. Master 7 has wanted to sleep in our bed a lot. Asperger's kids do like being snug in bed - cosy is perfect. You are a wonderful mum allowing this to happen!

meet me at mikes said...

Oh good on you, mate. Good on you for doing the best thing for your gorgeous boy. Good on you for loving him to bits. Good on you for being sweet and honest and lovely. Good on you for finding the very best cosiness of all. You are such a sweet mum to your kids, Cindy. xx

Jade said...

I couldn't think of a better way to sleep! We co-sleep too (we recently had to upgrade to a king size to fit!) and I love that Jett loves to sleep horizontal between us - if I take more than 3 or 4 hours after he goes down to come to bed then he wakes continuously until I'm there. Frustrating thought it may be sometimes I really think the good far outweighs the bad! And you know they're safe and happy and you really do see the cutest things they do when they're in with you - oh and who wouldn't like waking to an occasional kick to the head?? :P

Good to know my sister and I are not the only ones with mattresses on the floor!

Jetta's Nest said...

I'm all teary now too! Caleb did a great job of picking you to be his mum.