Monday, March 30, 2009

Eye Spy .. A Discovery

I have to be biased and admit that not only is Miss Megan rather fabulous but this is one of my favourite topics so far. I do like the more abstract ones.
This is the littlies discovering the joy of painting on the trampoline - they even got a little on the paper but that was not nearly as much fun as getting it on the trampoline, or themselves or Dad - you get the idea. This was Poppy's first go and she had a great time and the bath is now a nice colour purple. I really want to channel my inner playschool and start getting Poppy into some crafty activities, so I would love any ideas?! She isn't 2 until June but the "terrible twos" are rolling around on our floor quite often and I think she is just busting for some new challenges.
Next week is A little Bird Told Me's turn, she has a super sweet boy and blog so go visit and check it out. I am thinking of putting one of those linky things in, Kootoyoo started a revoloution with this baby, so we will all be able to see who is playing every week - what do you reckon.

So it has been a little while since my last blog and I have missed it. I don't even know why, we have changed the schedule at Camp Bug and Pop and I think I am still adjusting to the routine. Glen has been changing jobs and is still changing so I am now starting my day job later to look after Poppy, so that is cool that I can spend more time with her. This means the full time job is now being done in the evening to even up my time. Drafting at the computer at night leaves me drained as opposed to sewing (which for some reason wakes me up) so I have been piking in the evenings. I have finished the market orders so that is more of the same - blah blah blah. (Aren't you glad you all waited for this.) So this is my Discovery, I can't do it all. I am not sure what race I am running sometimes but I have just realised that I am not running against anyone else. There is no finish line, there is just the view as I take the sojourn (one of my favourite words ever - why has it taken me so long to work it in here). I think I get lost in the everthing to everyone cycle and haven't been thinking about the important stuff, so that is my new years resoloution - I am not sure if I am late for this years or early for next year, but breath is my new mantra.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Such cute photos - aren't they having fun. Hooray for the Mr Linky idea too. Love that.

And breathing sounds like an inspired plan. I simply have no idea how you have been doing SO MANY things!!! You're super organised; super hardworking.

Kristina said...

I wandered in here from Black Apple. So glad I found your blog. I just love your banner-- those birdies are so cute!

Sweetfern Handmade

CurlyPops said...

I don't know how you manage to fit it all in Cindy. I'm always in awe of how much you get done each day.
Taking time to breathe sounds like a fabulous idea to me!

sophie said...

Firstly, your kiddies are SO cute! I am so glad that you posted, I miss reading your news.
The best advice I ever got was that nothing ever stays the same, we are all changing, moving, growing and right now you are obviously busy with really important stuff, but things will get easier in time and it's cool to just go with the flow sometimes. You are doing an amazing job!

Jhoanna said...

Such gorgeous faces - they looks so happy making a big ole mess :-) I agree with you on the discovery - I think I finally came to the same conclusion late last year that there is no race so why am I running so hard?! For me, this year is about enjoying the journey and learning to say "No". "Breathe" is an excellent mantra :-)
Hope your week is going great.

Tinniegirl said...

They look like they are having so much fun.

It was lovely to see you on Saturday.

I love this post. It is so easy to try and do everything and be everything and forget to slow down and breath.

I love the word sojourn too.

Amber said...

Cindy, you are amazing...not sure how you do it all. You seem to really be the back bone in that little household there. I have missed your words and comments of late, but understand how much it can all get. Love to you sweet lady. Happy breathing to you.
LOve xxxx

Kirsty said...

Jhoanna's thoughts are right on the money. I like that race surprises there. Good on you for taking stock.

Karin said...

They are so adorable. I'm smiling.

It's so hard when one feels obliged to do everything. I know I do. There is so much going on in my head about what I want to do, what I must do to keep the house going, giving the Bubster his time. It's hard.

I've been taking photos of the mess in my house lately - creating a series called "Disaster Home". LOL I just can't be bother sometimes. The tidying. It's not so important - I have to remind myself.

Christina Lowry said...

Hi Cindy,

I have to agree with what every one else has been saying. I'm a new mum and I am begining to understand some of the challenges you face. Taking time to breathe as well as being gentle to yourself and lowering unrealistic expectations of yourself are all important and I wish you all the best!

I have found some sites with ideas for craft for your beautiful little girl.

There are some really great ideas on these sites.

:) Christina

PS- I decided to do Eye Spy... a new development. Hope you like it!

Christina Lowry said...


AnastasiaC said...

gorgeous pics, they are both so cute!!
breathe is a great mantra!! i can relate as im feeling so overwhelmed right now!

handmaiden said...

good to hear u r taking stock and not working to a frenzy,,,,,,think about what the big rocks are in your life and prioritise those....the pebbles take care of themselves.

Phiphi said...

Gosh..they seemed to enjoyed that so much..and my son's got lucky cos he just received caleb's handpainting, he said "I did this in school too", well, I'm not into painting but once in a while I must indulged my lil brats with water color too..;). (Rizqi: Thanks caleb for the card, I wish we could splash color together)