Monday, March 16, 2009

Magic March Monday, Eye Spy, Sunday Stash, the Stitches Show, Off to Market

As you can gather from the title I have a little to cover here, it is not that I have been slack though just caught in some weird time vacuum - you know what I mean.

So PottyMouthMama's fab Magical March is going so quick, and I have been keeping an eye out. There have been lots of changes in the last few weeks at Bug and Pop central, out of your comfort zone stuff. Glen has started a new job today and I think it is going to work out so much better than the last, more challenging, more hours, more responsibility. It wasn't exactly his choice to leave but I think it will take him to such a better place, I reckon that is pretty magical when you realise that life steers you in the direction that you need to be and you don't even realise it.
The Stitches and Craft show was a fantastic day out with some lovely ladies. So there was girly giggling, catching up with friends I have not met before but knew so well, there was inappropriate stroking of fabric, there was oggling of fabulously talented ladies wares - so in all this of course I took not one photo. So my Sunday Stash is all my great goodies that I snaffled. When I got home Glen said "Is that all you bought", I nearly went back again as there was SO much good stuff! Miss Kelani was just divine and I got some sweet fabric, fairies for Poppy and old fashioned toys for the boys. I am always a sucker for the Aunty as well, my favourite Cookie and with no calories. The little girl is from Ric Rac (her selvedge creations even more amazing in person), the playmat from One girl, Mixtape mag and super cute fabric bundle from Leni and Rose. Nice collection I think though I forgot to get a One Red Robin brooch. More fabricy goodness at Tamara's.
(Amazing picture from here)
Eye spy for the week was my favourite colour, but I must admit I am a non-colour discriminator, I love them all in some tone or another. It is a bit like picking your favourite child, can't be done. I think that might be my biggest problem that I can't filter and end up with a mix of everything together. Thanks to Amityville Boronia for her super sweet theme. I am hoping the Beyond Pink and Blue will be able to pick out next weeks theme. While you are there check out the GREAT work she has been doing with Rainbow comfort packs.
Lastly but not least the market went well on Sunday, thanks so much for all your well wishes yet again. It wasn't as good as the December one, but I think I may of been a little spoilt there. As always it is interesting to see what does and doesn't go well. The applique tops did well so I think I will definitely do more of those. The boy pants in denims and browns and the vests were super popular but the green and orange pants not as much so I am thinking that I will do some different types for the Sydney market in July and see how they go. Thankfully Glen came with me which was great (you can see him in profile with coffee), only someone special can tell you not to look scared - It is meant to be fun. And it was, there is nothing better when someone gasps "Oh I love capes". Lots of super sweet ladies came to say hello as well, Beth and Lou and the always super supportive Liesl with Argy in tow. Can't wait for Sydney in July already, at least I have a good head start for that one, so not so many late nights.
Wow, what a post, I probably should of broken for you. It is late, hope I haven't sent you off to sleep.


CurlyPops said...

I'm so glad people liked the sweet little capes!
I think you deserve a little rest and relaxation after all the hard work.

Mon @ bpab said...

Golly gosh! You have been busy!
I was looking forward to going to the market on the weekend and see your wears, but we ended up going to Wang to see family. Next time.
Thanks for picking me for next Eye Spy!
Enjoy the calm after your storm.

Cass said...

I'm doing the SYdney market this Sunday. Last year's one was exceptionally great so I am not expecting it to be as good this time around. Can't wait to see you at the July one

sophie said...

Wow, Cindy you are one busy girl. I love that all stash you bought home from the show, looking forward to what developes with it.
Congratulations on Mathilda's. I have been so caught up here with sewing and what not for Sunday that I forgot completely.
Looking so forward to seeing you in July.

Christina Lowry said...

A nice drink, a hot bath and some quiet time? You deserve it! What a busy lady you have been.

Love your finds. Sounds like you have a licence to buy more next year?! :)