Monday, March 9, 2009

Magical March Monday

So the fabulous PottyMouthMama is hosting Magical March, she of better dedication then me is posting little pearls of magic everyday, I am committing to trying to find something every Monday. A little slack I know, but I have to tell you I am struggling a little finding magic - how sad is that, must be rectified.
Today was a public holiday in Melbourne, I was still working but Glen and Caleb decided to catch the train into the city and get donuts. I sent him off with the camera as Caleb loves taking photos. This one of his shadow taking the photo is so magical to me, I really, really love it.

I love the tree snap shot too. You will be pleased to know the donuts were good too.


Liesl said...

What a beautiful shadow - magical indeed!

trash said...

Oh! I bet they were hot donuts too weren't they?!?!

Jemma. said...

Kids take the beset photos I think!
I have some pictures I took when I was 9 or 10 and the composition and lighting of them is way better than anything I can do on purpose now. I guess I lost that talent along with being able to put my feet in my mouth!

Bird Bath said...

Great shadow shots! It's a lovely time of the year to go wandering with the camera. Hope you find yourself plenty more magic.

Michelle said...

Children take the most magical photos don't they?