Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Winter Dresses

Many moons ago on a creative space far, far away there lived a couple of Poppy dresses waiting patiently. While they have been finished finding a chance to take a decent photo hasn’t been so easy, hooray for a little bit of sun.

park 019001 This is a simple elastic neckline and cuff dress made with Heather Ross from the last Amitie sale. Instead of casing the elastic I used the ‘elastic zig zag’ stitch on the machine and stretched the thin elastic as I went, so much quicker and sat better.

park 022park 024The deer fabric is one of my favourites, added to the stash from Patchwork on Central quite a while ago and teamed with glittery denim yoke and bell sleeves. This one brings a smile every time with a little retro vibe. I could of ironed it before I took the photo but that just means we are friends now and I don’t feel that I have too.

Do you think you get more of an idea on a hanger or on the child? I can never decide?


Kate said...

I just adore that top dress!
I always forget the stretch and sew elastic method, so much easier than the casing way. Thanks for the reminder and have a great week. X

One Flew Over said...

I always wonder how the likes of any boutique or department store get the children to a: pose and b: smile in their catalouges.

PS: Great outfits x

Andi said...

Cute dresses.
Thanks for not ironing. Makes me feel special!
Andi :-)

Home Girl said...

i really love the simple gathered dress. also think they look best modelled (but the flat pic follow up also helps get an idea of how it's constructed). i wish i could sew (and having a little poppy-esque sweetie to dress would also help with the motivation levels). am glad we are at the non-ironed stage of our relationship. i also feel comfortable not tidying up the backdrop for my photos and certainly wouldn't dream of ironing xxxx

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