Monday, April 13, 2009

Eye Spy ... A Surprise

It has been another busy week (busy is the polite word for CRAZY). I wanted to bring you some photos of our egg hunt but my batteries died on my camera. I just realised I could of taken some on my phone, but I am one of those old fashioned girls who only makes phone calls on it. Bah progress.

My great Miss Muggins surprise for the week -
Once in a while,
doesn't happen very often
BUT Glen can be right.

Shhh don't let on that you know. On our great Easter hunt I was paranoid that the Easter bunny may sleep in so we spurred him into early action. "What about the possums" - Yeah right I said to Glen, like a possum is going to eat an Easter egg. Just before I went to bed, rustling and then SPRUNG fat old Percy Possum nibbling away at Poppy's chocolate rabbit!! I tried to shoo him away and he glared at me in furry discontent. I whipped out Poppy's new Bunny bag that Caleb helped make, and scooped up all that was left.

I am hoping Amy over at Badskirt can help us out for next weeks theme and she is having a giveaway too for her friend and she has cute Kiwis - you know I am partial to those. I am hoping to get Mr Linky working here too so please add in your link below if you are playing this week so we can all find each other easily, especially some of the new players from the past few weeks.

PS. I spent the rest of the night trying to get to sleep while a sugar crazed possum did laps on our tin roof and the Easter bunny did a great job getting up before everyone and there was smiles for all. This photo is Poppy stealing all of Caleb's big eggs while I was taking a photo of their bags.


Carolyn said...
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Carolyn said...

oh what a bugger of a possum! I mean to steal another childs easter suprise!!
Glad you won that fight and got the rest of them for Sunday!

Michelle said...

That is so funny! We have the same problem with critters. I was so relieved the eggs were still there in the morning, as there was no way I could be up before the smalls (5am) to put them out.

melissa said...

Dear Poppy
Thank you so much for your letter and beautiful painting and stickers. The postman put them in the letterbox today. I really, really like the Cars stickers, but sometimes I confuse Lightening McQueen with Roary on ABC because he is a red racing car too. I hope you had a really nice Easter.
Ben and Emmeline

handmaiden said...

That made me laugh but I bet u didn't

Bek said...

If it were our place, ants would have carried them off. At least possums are cute! (Although a possum eating my child's easter eggs in the middle of the night = not so cute!) Hope you had a happy easter!

Monica @ bpab said...

What a bugger!
Glad you saw to it!
Hope the rest of the hunt was glorious.

Home Girl said...

love poppy's innocent expression as she nicks big bro's eggs

AnastasiaC said...

haha too funny...having said that Id freak out if i saw one although sometimes i hear weird things in our roof and wonder....Poppy is adorable!