Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Breathing 1:01 and Finally some sewing

So I am still getting use to this breathing thing and that things are getting done as quickly as I like, but here is proof I am on the right track. Poppy and I spending a lovely morning at the duck pond with Lulu the dog. I am even cheating and sneaking it into my Magical March since it was yesterday so still technically it made it.
And finally enough of all this blabbing, some actual sewing. I made this little pinnie for Poppy out of some super soft and sweet pin whale cord with ladybugs and clovers that I got at the Amitie sale. I have been busting to make it ever since I got the material and it is one of my favourites!!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

She looks gorgeous in that pinnie! Looks like a lovely visit ... making the most of this fab weather!

Michelle said...

I love the pinnie!

Megan: The Byron Life said...

oh Poppy! She's such a cutie :)
Glad you have find time to breathe... it's kinda important that breathing thing LOL


Christina Lowry said...

Ooooh, can grown ups wear pinnies too? :)

Angie said...

The pinnie is gorgeous!

My Nanna always said "you just get used to not breathing & then you die" (mind you this line was used for all manner of things, like - you just get used to not eating....)

Beth said...

That pinnie is adorable! So cute, love the little cross over straps.