Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cold Feet

We have lived in our little house for just on 3 years, that ,may even be a record for me in one place. I have gypsied my way up and down the East coast all through my life, but I do love Melbourne. It is my favourite even though I have lived here the least, but there are a few small reasons why I will never be a true Melbournian. I try to hid them the best I can so I am outing myself.

1. I cannot wear all black attire - I have tried and it is not for me.
2. I don't get AFL - behinds, marks, blah blah blah, passion can be contagious but I don't understand the enjoyment in the game. Kiwi rugby union here all the way.
3. When I am stuck behind a tram and it is taking FOREVER to get home with 2 whinging children, I curse them, I do.
4. The traffic is a little nutty, and I hate I can't pay a highway toll to a person or a booth, but you have to get one of those electronic toll things.
5. A street directory will always be a referdex, not a Melways.
6. I can't really stomach coffee. I really do try on this one.
7. Even though I grew up a Brisbane and Queensland girl, heat and humidity are not my homies. I much prefer a bit of cool. One of the things I love most about Melbourne is that each season is so different, but I will never get use to cold feet.

PS. I have a complex about having frog toes so it is pretty rare that I show off my toes. Caleb wanted to join in on the photo too.


Jade said...

Oh you just brought back so many good memories for me. A Victorian now living in Brisbane, I miss the cool winter clothes, the good coffee, the great food (we're getting there but not yet!), and the trams (not the AFL!).

But I do love our humidity here.

Thanks for a great post :)

Tania said...

I'm sitting behind my computer freezing my tootsies off, thinking they just might be the catalyst to GET ME TO BED! It's late, it's Melbourne and thank goodness for cold feet...

(And lovely to have you stop by)

Liesl said...

Cute photo. I'm with you on the trams too .... despite being Melbourne born and bred!

Oooh .... and I will remember the bit about the coffee for next time!!!!! Hot chocolate or a nice cup of tea maybe?

Christina Lowry said...

You may not be a true Melbournian, but you have a cute boy who wants his feet in the photo! I love it!

1. I must admit I wear a lot of black. I love black. I never gave it up after the fine art uni days!
2. I don't get AFL either. Or tennis. Yawn...
3. When we were in Melbourne we kept forgetting about the trams and nearly got run over a couple of times!
4. I like to throw my coins in too and have as yet resisted e-toll!
5. Yes- referdex!
6. Ohhh, I love coffee. Hubby hates it. More for me!
7. I am an Ipswich, Brisbane and Gold Coast girl - and I prefer the cool too. I love a warmish day and a cold night, but not cold feet! :)

Carolyn said...

Oh your comments ring so true to me in many ways... I am a Melbournian but...
*I dont wear black
*there are no trams where I live and they do drive me nuts when I go out to where they are.
*I hate coffee, give ma a nice cup of english breakfast anyday. Oh and hot choc!
*But i do rather the cold than to the humidity, my feet are frozen as I type LOL!

sophie said...

I visited Melbourne once when I was about 10 to see my mum's friend, she lived in Hoppers Crossing, that is all I remember because it's such a cute name! I would love to visit it again because it looks so cosmopolitan and cultural, Sydney is too homogenised for me!

I don't get AFL, I have never even watched a game.
We have the Gregory's here, our map book that is!
I love wearing black.
e-toll rocks (I am disorganised so not having to remember money etc suits me)
No trams here.
I like cool, but not rain...so fussy.
I live for a good coffee.

Amber said...

Oh melbourne does rock. Yes yes though the trams could be a real bitch. My sister lived there when her little one was small and used to say the same thing. xxx

Anna said...

My husbands family thinks I'm so weird for calling it a referdex. And when I lived in Melbourne I ran into a tram oopsies :) Now that I'm back in Brissie I do miss the seasons a lot though, and the good food, and the craft shopping (all shopping really) and the yarra valley

Monique said...

So many things to love about Melbourne. Coffee (hooray!), black clad folk (I only ever arrive with muted tones in tow), AFL (go the swans!) and the trams, well they are just iconic Melbourne.

PS Luca received his lovely package today, his first!! Thanks to Caleb for all his work. He loved the painting and the stickers.

Drewzel said...

I like your feet honey!!

And I must admit I like eTags. The little beep never fails to entertain me.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I think some of those things make you sound very Melbournian. Doesn't everyone hate being stuck behind trams? Trams are only good when you're on them.

trash said...

A list of reasons that as an ex-pat make me fondly remember home (althouhg prhaps not a list that makes me want to return ;-)

Except the cold feet. I live on top of a hill in the UK, even in Summer we have cold feet :-)

home girl said...

yawn AFL is soo dull totally agree, cold feet check, anti all black check, love my coffee but can only handle a weak one once a day gets me buzzing (during the rare periods that i am not preg or breastfeeding). the trams are a hassel but too much of an icon to get rid of don't u think? we must hook up one day, maybe a ceres outting if its not too far from you?

muralimanohar said...

I don't like cold feet, either, but I still wish I had ever made it down there...I am pretty sure out of all the Australian major cities, Melbourne would have been the one for me. Boo.

Anonymous said...
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