Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eye Spy ... A New Discovery

I have to admit I have struggled a little with this one, I think at Camp Bug and Pop we are waiting for some new discoveries. There have been some up and downs and nothing new to report - sometimes that is not necessarily a bad thing. It may also have to do with the fact I can't keep a secret to save my life. I think that it is a terrific theme from A little bird told me.
My latest discovery - a Poppy Diva, yes, not even two-years old and already trying to rule the roost. Who is in charge here? The little captain - that is who. Her favourite past time is stealing Caleb's stuff to see if she can make him cry. She has studied some Bruce Lee too, as she has some moves. A swift slap and then the evil eye to weigh up what you are going to do about it. Don't let that sweet 2D look fool you - if you pass her on the street be prepared people. She has also learned "Sorry" which sounds super cute when she says it and how to kiss, just as well as next stop is a "giveaway" for my 174th post. My mantra is - this steely stubbornness will serve her well when she is 30.
Miss Muggins is going to help us out for next week and she has good giveaways too - you get all the good stuff here. I am working on Mr Linky for next week too. I am such a kind host too that I posted a few days late so that no-one feels bad if they don't post on Sunday (did that sound convincing).


Liesl said...

Sooo cute ... but hmmm, yes ... she looks as innocent as .... Bargy!! These #2 children have all the moves :)

Megan.K. said...

Yes that sounded convincing!!
Melli has the "sorry" thing going on as well - "sowwi" - it is super cute. And she also makes her big sister cry too by stealing stuff - and big sister is 12!!!

What super-powerful beings two-year-olds are eh?


Christie said...

hmmmmm... sounds alot like our miss 2

i really hope that it does serve her well when she is older, otherwise she will just be a big pain!

Miss Muggins said...

Watch out, sorry quickly turns into help! It's not so cute when your 2 year old starts yelling out "help" in the supermarket when you say no to the lolly she wants. People don't look so kindly at you then!
Got my thinking cap on for the next theme, thanks for picking me!

Bek said...

What a gorgeous empress. My Jems is quite a bit more feisty than Caleb. It's all about survival at first and then they discover it is fun.

Jhoanna said...

Such a cute pic of Poppy :-) I can see some similarities between Poppy and my 2-year-old - in fact my eldest has been complaining to me lately that her younger sister is in fact, a bully! Not good.

Hope you are are having a good week :-)

Carolyn said...

gotta love 2yo!!

They are the boss afterall!

(hope you dont mind me joining your eye spy group)

sophie said...

Wow, I have a diva in my house too, called Eva (the diva - hahaha!) it's hard work but when you get those smiles and cuddles, all the hard stuff just fades away, funny that!

home girl said...

what a little spunk! never a dull moment at your joint!

Jade said...

Go Poppy! Very cute. Hmm, sounds a little like my two year old niece (who I must admit has a very strong resemblance in temperament to her aunty when she was younger...!) I will say from a person who turns 30 next year, it's all good in the end!! We just know what we want and how to get it...just don't use the word 'no'! he he he Good luck :P