Monday, September 29, 2008

This is ... My Show Off

I struggled a bit with this weeks theme, especially after seeing Miss Hoppo Bumpo's fabulousness. I contemplated something to do with the kids, Caleb's toilet training has been going great, but I don't think you need pictures or details, and I decided it should all be about me - me I tell you! I think I have "showed off" enough sewing and bug and pop lately.
I bungee-jumped this baby. I had to scrap around to find a photo, it was on film (remember those). My hubby is a Kiwi (as you may of gathered from the All Blacks love) so our last holiday 6 years ago was to the homeland. We hired a campervan that spent most of the holiday parked in hotel car parks, but that is another story. Glen told me it was just a little bungee, but it was enough for me to be proud. It was funny as he kept saying, very matter of fact, that if you are in New Zealand, you have to do it so I didn't really put much thought in to it. Once I came back and everyone thought I was mad that I realised that if I had spoke about it first I probably never would of done it. Then I would of had to spend the rest of the week-end trying to perfect the Hoppo Bumpo move!

So a Hip to the fabulously funny May the Cloth be With You and Hip to our lovely hostess Miss Handmaiden and a Hooray for Miss Three Buttons.

And of course I have a sewing project, this is a little outfit for one that is still cooking, so it had to be non-gender specific. It was my first applique attempt and I think it came out pretty cute.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Wow, you're so brave. I really admire people who can jump from somewhere really high into the abyss. (I am such a scaredy cat, that I feel a bit sick just thinking about it!). What an amazing experience and memory.

PS. I love your applique!

muralimanohar said...

Well, *I* lived in NZ for a couple years with MY Kiwi dh, and I *still* haven't bungee'd...and if I have my way, I NEVER will! :p

Sophie said...

Yes very brave, don't think i could manage that!
The baby set is so lovely, the black and white is so fresh and summery.

Lauren said...

Oh my...just looking at that picture gives me butterflies! Well Done! Very Brave!

mellimoomoo said...

No way could I do this... just terrifying. You are very brave indeed.

potty mouth mama said...

I don't know why I am so behind on the Bug and Pop front - but here I am - better late than never, right?

Can't believe you bungy jumped. No way in the world would I do it - wow!!

And I love the applique. So cute. I think you did a good job being neutral!