Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is a rose by any other name?

What is in a name? I have been thinking since I read yet another great post by Handmaiden about branding your product - That everything you do should all be in line with who you want to be. It is a really great read. It made me think how often in life we label, people, situations, etc. I said to Caleb when he didn't want to say hello to someone, "Are you feeling shy?". Now he says all the time, "I am shy, I can't do it". Labelling with Asperger's autism is a really powerful thing, but I think it applies to everyone, one way or another. By the same token, he says to me when we are playing "Goog Job Mummy, Thank you." and I put my hair up with a "You look beautiful" reply. This meant that these positive ones were also leaving a mark on his slate. Now on I am aiming to choose my words carefully to make sure my labels are the ones I want people to hear.


Shellbells said...

my kids mimic what I say soo much that I sometimes feel like I am talking to myself. There is nothing like a child in yourr life to show your true colours and to highlight the good and bad that you say!!! What would we do without them. Lovely post my dear

CurlyPops said...

It's like the old saying, Do unto others what you would wish done to you (or something like that anyway)!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

How true this all is. I constantly have to remind myself to edit what is coming out of my mouth. My 3-y-o often tells me he's "too busy" to do things. Sadly he's probably gotten this from me - I wish I could undo it!

potty mouth mama said...

I totally agree and often hear things mirrored back to me. I read this interesting article once about the power of positive words - even on the subconscious. It detailed the effect on a man who was dying of cancer, who once spoken to by a doctor about familiar things (such as this man's tomatoes that were well known to be his passion) in positive words, the man was then able to let go and die peacefully. It was through using these warm, affirming words that the man had finally been able to surrender, and die peacefully in his sleep, letting go of all the pain he had been suffering.

Sorry for the long ramble and hope that makes sense, but I am a big believer, and can't stand when other people put negative words out there in front of my kidlins.

Great post.