Friday, September 19, 2008

I love the Blogland, Can I move in

Thank God it is Friday. Caleb is still really under the weather and has taken Poppy with him. She at least seems to just have a horrid cold and what is a gift if you can't share it with Mummy too. I am hoping that she can stay away from the fever though. Only a few things have made him smile this week and they happened to of come from Blogland.
When I got my necklace lovely Mikes threw in a Owl necklace as well and he is in love with it. You always feel better with a bit of bling I say.
Then the sweetest Beth found an insect book that she thought Caleb might like. He got it yesterday, with stickers and a tiger card. He was in heaven. So thanks to these fantastic people for bringing a long missed smile!!I have also finished a pair of pants for a red loving customer with some more Spout fabric. I think these make sure a great boy combo, Sprout and stripes! I have also designed the cuff, extra long so that it can be folded up or down so you can get the most wear out of them before those legs shoot up. I am thinking of doing it all the time from now on. Sorry for the 2D photos but my model is definitely on sick leave.


Bec said...

Oh isn't that lovely. I am continually astounded at the generosity of craft bloggers. I hope you are all feeling better and fighting fit real soon :)

Beth J said...

I'm glad Caleb liked his book! Great pants, those fish are just too cool. Hope you're all feeling better soon!

JustJess said...

Hey Cindy - just saw your comment over at Dear Fii - my son also has Aspergers - would love to chat with you about it some time.