Thursday, September 18, 2008

On My Desk

I am a day late again, but my poor bubba was super sick for the last few days. Well I guess he isn't really in bubba category any more, I can't believe he is going to be 4 in December. I am sure he got twice as sick as he needed to be on sheer defiance of not taking his medicine (another bonus of asperger's). At least he is finally eating and drinking today which is fantastic as I didn't want to take him to the hospital because nothing has passed his lips since Monday. He also hasn't stopped talking since he got up, so that is a sure sign he is feeling better.

Thank-you all again for your support with the opening of Bug and Pop! I have on my desk today, my orders that I am working through, including my first Etsy sale (Hooray for Hoppo Bumpo, a lovely lady with good taste of course) On my desk is my orders that I still working my way through (I can fake organisation in photos so well) and my beautiful new apron from Miss Curly Pops. I love the colours. More desk over at the fabulous Kootoyoo.

On a side issue, Poppy is nearly 15 months and bored with all her toys, but at that in between stage for toys. I would love to know if you have any suggestions for good things for that age to play with!


muralimanohar said... 11 and 14 yo's are still my bubbas. :p Esp when they are sick.

For Poppy?? A bucket of water, and a bunch of empty containers. Works everytime. lol

Shellbells said...

bucket of pegs and show her how to make peg squares....water idea is a keeper to. what about a bit of string and big holed bit of card to thread???? Not sure how well coordinated she is??

shall think a bit more and get back to you

Leni and Rose said...

Great to meet you at Brown Owls!! I'm heading over to Bug & Pop now - I just love the clothes you make!

Lauren said...

anything that's not a toy!...Jack loved standing up at the sink with some spoons and a small cup

Hoep you're all feeling better soon :-)