Monday, September 1, 2008

Shear Genius

It is so funny that Pottymouthmama was talking about children's haircuts today. Caleb was complaining that his hair was getting in his eyeballs (why he just doesn't call them eyes - I don't know) and the thought of taking him to a hairdresser sends terror through my soul. We take him to those "child friendly" ones, but have never seen the same cutter twice - I think that is because after dealing with Caleb they have retired to a life of drinking HEAVILY. You know the kids I mean, you have rolled your eyes as they sound like they are having an appendix removed rather than a little fringe. Times that by 10 and welcome to haircuts with Apserger's.
So anyway with this image in my mind I all of a sudden thought - How hard can it be, I can cut a pattern, I've shaved heads - why not have a crack. All of a sudden I am Vidal Sasson with a muse. It actually didn't look too bad but then I couldn't stop myself - I had found my calling. So now the poor thing has a little, well I don't think that there is a term for it, except if you keep ruffling it, it is not TOOO bad. After I showed him in the mirror, he said "I look beautiful mum, thanks". If only he knew - here is the finished product. The upside though is that there were no tears, no screaming, no drama - WOOHOO-HOOT. Unfortunately for him this has only encouraged the Vidal in me, maybe I will do streaks next time. (You may be able to see the bowl like resemblance on the fringe.)
And of course - more pants. These are some Plane cuties from Duckcloth with denim stripes and a full skirt with gorgeous Japanese bird print panel at the front. (Please note my poor model had a little disagreement with our cat. I have been assured it was an accident.)


potty mouth mama said...

I want to see the afters!! I am terrible cutting hair - I've done my own before with very bad, beyond bad results.. Which then resulted in the Princess Di cut.. Which I conveniently left out of my post today!

Cute pants, and gorgeous skirt!!

Mama de Saga said...

See you have found a new career, cutting hair. I love how he prefers eyeballs over eyes. The pants and skirts are too cute.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I love the bit about "How hard can it be, I can cut a pattern"! I really admire people who cut their kids hair ... especially as I'm yet to meet anyone who does it badly. Trust me, I wouldn't be one of those people - have to outsource. We're lucky though, because our boys sit at the hairdressers like stunned mullets. Must be that alarming buzz-buzz-buzz of the clippers coming close!

Beth J said...

Saves money and trauma, why not?! (Although I do remember the time my dad had the same thought and did some DIY hair cutting... bad bad move...).

Cute pants!

muralimanohar said...

Love the little clothes!!

And my now 11yo STILL hates the barber!!! He has a big, boofy head of hair right now, and everytime we mention he is due, there is a loud yell of NO!!! lol

Sophie said...

I cut all my kid's hair, and my mum cut my hair till I was about 16!! Going to the hairdressers was a culture shock for me.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the skirt!