Friday, December 4, 2009

Five Things

So one of my favourite ladies, the Potty-one herself has asked if we wanted to join in with our 5 essentials.
1. Family, whom without I don't think I could go on. Many lessons and love and laughter.

2. Chocolate - hmmm, such a sweet tooth

3. Sewing - I love the creative outlet that it gives me after such a dry 9-5 job.

4. Blogging - Sure I could live without it, but I do love the friends that I have made, things I have learnt, confidence and support, not to mention Brown Owls and Perle 8s

5. My Life - As cheesy as it sounds. We rent but it feels like a home, we have food on our table, we don't have heaps of money but we have enough. I think this is one of those ones where if you have it, it doesn't seem like much but if you don't it is everything.


Tania said...

Great post Mrs. Just when things were starting to get a little crazy around here...breathing!

Michelle said...

I like your five things. A lot. I think they are mine too. I mean, not your family and your life, my family and my life.

Ellieboo said...

A good five - Im in a rental too but its still my little home. Thanks for sharing your list, its easy to get bogged down in the negative sometime.

Andi said...

I think you've saved me a post. My list is pretty much the same as yours.

Bird Bath said...

such a lovely list. certainly one I can relate to too.

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

A fantastic five me thinks.