Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in a Nutshell

The Before -
Caleb baking cookies for the pressie giving red one. Thankfully Santa only needed a couple as I think most of the batter didn't make it in the oven.
The During -
Lots of special goodies, Poppy ended up a little overwhelmed and decided to open her pressies in stages after everything got a good check through first. Santa and his delivery of bikes was the most impressive I think. Poppy loved that she had her own pink one after tootling around on Caleb's for the last few months.The After -
We have all been enjoying having some rare time off together and I have not really been at the computer much at all. There has been a little sewing, but a lot of sleeping (!), playing games, everyone getting colds and lots of Lego construction. Family trips to the zoo, park and beach and it is all going too quick for my liking.
Hope you all had a great Christmas, I am hoping to give you


Stomper Girl said...

Hey Cindy, looks like you had a lovely Christmas. There's been LOTS of lego construction at our house too, post the Big Day.

sophie said...

Look how happy Poppy is! So glad you guys are having a good rest and enjoying the break.